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  1. We have hijacked this thread, can an admin move it please?
  2. 2010 it is now, 2/3 of the agreement has gone, you can sell the car and clear finance due or tell them to come collect it.
  3. Then tell them to come and get the car under halves and thirds rule and get yourself an old banger.
  4. How long was the finance agreement taken over? Are you certain it was HP? Have you made over 50% of your payments?
  5. Get into fighting mode girl and do not allow these b******* to influence your health any longer.
  6. The snakepit is your reality at the moment, so you best get prepared to fight back. I have shown you how to fight back. Once you start fighting back I bet a pound to a penny that your depression goes as you will be in control again.
  7. You have to be strong here. These parasites are not concerned about your health, your circumstances or your ability to pay. They are concerned with one aim, to take money from you. I am a tad harder hitting than most on here as I take the fight to the council, bailiffs hmmph, they aint worth jack and have very little power in the circumstances you face. So read what I have written above and act on it. You will win, trust me.
  8. OK stop right there. This is council tax arrears, so hang on in there and I will explain how you can deal with this. 1. Stop paying the Bailiffs as they have not gained a walking posession order. 2. Make payments to your council online. 3. Never phone the bailiff company, correspond in writing only if you have to and DO NOT sign any letters you send. 4. Write to the bailiff company requesting a screen shot of your account and a complete breakdown of their charges. 5. Lodge a formal compalint with your council addressed to chief executive and title it formal complaint. Make th
  9. "It's up to the Bailiff to have reasonable grounds for ensuring the property being levied actually BELONGS to the debtor -- and the ownership of Motor Vehicles is usually pretty simple to sort out -- probably easier than anything else." Jimbo you are incorrect on this point, it is up to the debtor to prove that they do not own the vehicle. I have had this happen to me and it was my responsibility to prove that the vehicle was leased and subject to a finance agreement. I did this and after a long fight they had to class it as an incorrect levy. I would not pay them a penny, I never ha
  10. Update: I have now met with the Executive Director of Finance at my council, I also took along my local ward councillor and the area MP has also been updated at every stage, the MP is actually very interested in how I have been treated by the council. The outcome of the meeting was the following: Full apology from the council on six of the seven points I complained about. Removal of bailiff fees from council tax bill. All Bailiff fees and courts costs for liability order retracted. I would like to thank you all especially TT and ploddertom for all your help.
  11. Tomtubby, can you pm me your email address. I have some very interesting information for you. I had a meeting today with Executive Finance Director at the Council! calvi36
  12. I did not make a FOI request smouk, I just requested that they provide the information as they are public servants. However I did use the threat of an FOI request
  13. They used Scotland as the testing zone, they knew if they tried it in Northern Ireland that they would be shot. one year of testing in Scotland and they had riots, now look what happened in England, no riots! I wonder why.
  14. A tax is not a debt, until a court makes it such. This is what people are missing, taxation becoming debt, we did not incur this debt, they created it from a tax. Say you borrow £10,000 and you default on that loan, then yes you are liable, but say you borrow nothing and me as head of the country states, u will pay £10,000 for nothing as a tax, does that automatically become a debt?
  15. we really need to stop talking as individuals and start fighting back en masse such as we did with the poindings for poll tax in Scotland. Stop them with a show of force for every walking posession order they attempt to gain.
  16. Pay them nothing, Do not recognise them as being able to collect council tax. TT and PT might disagree, but pay these thugs nothing. I did this and debt was handed back to the council, btw it is not a debt it is a TAX!
  17. I have been fighting my own personal battle with a council over their tax on me and my family. I have found a huge amount of information on CAG that has aided me, without this site the bailiffs would have entered with their lies and took what they wanted. However due to CAG and other research of the law the bailiffs did not win. I placed a formal complaint in front of my council containing 7 points and 6 of those points were upheld, thus complaint was upheld. I then took it a stage further where I asked the following: TOTAL NUMBER OF DEFAULTS NUMBER OF LIABILITY ORDERS APPLIED FOR
  18. Hi Buzby and thanks for the reply. In last month's newsletter they published a photo of his property without the house number blanked out. I have advised him to make a formal complaint to the property management company regarding both these matters and only to do it in writing. I think that this could still fall under the remit of the LGO as they let houses to people so I think the formal complaints procedure to be the way fwd. BTW the car is on his road and a SORN declaration has been made to DVLA.
  19. Hi all, I wasn't sure which section to post this in so apologies if it is in the wrong one. I need some advice for a friend of mine. He has a bought house that the land is leasehold 99 yrs with a property management company. They also manage the estate that his house is on. This company publish a monthly newsletter and post it to all residents, some are tenants whilst others have bought their properties. In this months newsletter in the name and shame section they have published my friends name. CARS AND CAR PARKING All vehicles parked at Yours must be taxed, insured and
  20. TT, the reason it took 2 months is because I refused to accept their first response as they failed to address every issue in my complaint. I gave them another chance with the promise that if it was not dealt with fully then I would appeal to the Chief Exec and if still not satisfied then I would take it to LGO and ICO.
  21. PT, you must be clairvoyant lmao. I have them bang to rights over data protection etc etc and they know it. Thanks for your input on this.
  22. Tomtubby, I did exactly this, Formal Complaint, complaint was upheld on 5 counts contained within the formal complaint. I have now had a full apology from Director Of Finance at my council and he wishes to arrange a meeting with me. The main issue here is that Bailiffs are not used to the wee guys knowing the law, the councils are not used to us standing up and quoting the law right back at them. If you deal with things calmly and follow the advice on here then you will win.
  23. A quick update. I received a letter from the council on 23rd Dec. They offered apologies for all issues that I raised. The Bailiffs fees have now been removed from the CT bill as they have no right to collect an alleged debt for another company. The Director of Finance has now asked for a suitable time to meet with me in person, I will arrange this on Monday. Looks like another small victory for a cagger!
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