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  1. You couln'd see my facepalm as I read this thread. It's like asking a question and not liking the answer and asking the question again hoping for a different answer.
  2. What did the police say when you reported it stolen? The DVLA would have put a marker on the system saying seized no tax?
  3. Once your initial contract is up and you are staying in the property, paying rent, you have to give one months notice (landlord still has to give two). Happy to be corrected. I rented for 10 years, but only signed a contract for one year. Still had to legally give a months notice.
  4. So they issue you a P45 which you then have to hand back to them in order for them to do your P60 next month - I get it!!
  5. I think you should be worried. P45's are normally only issued after termination of employment.
  6. The people conducting these reviews are human and do undertand if information is correct, especially in the current climate, and will work with you to rectify the situation - if any rectification is required. Be pleasant and honest as it helps them to help you.
  7. Your best route is through the compaints team for non-barclays customers. The link is here: https://www.barclays.co.uk/help/contact-us/complaints/Non-Barclays-customer/ It has the details for all of their contact methods - no email address though.
  8. It really depends on your issue. There are multiple departments within Barclays so no general email address. Have you spoken to customer services first as they should be able to direct your issue and provide an email address.
  9. With regards to the tax. I'm sure I read somewhere that even though you pay nil tax, you still need to apply/renew it every year.
  10. The hospital may send an copy of the discharge directly to the registered GP, mine does. But, yes, the patient should have been given a discharge letter.
  11. I agree with what's been said above. Just to add, if they didn't carry out the work straight away, they would have recorded the failure and issued you with the failure notice. Boris
  12. Can you double check your dates as my calendar says that February is before march. Did you get the notice in March 2018 with the alleged date of the infringment February 2018?
  13. This was quite prevalent in the US known as the IRS scam where there was an arrest warrant if you didn't pay there and then. It gradually moved to to UK. I know you've been caught out, an elderly friend of mine also got scammed this way, but this is a warning to everyone - please spread the word. Plenty of video's on youtube, even scammers calling police officers at their place of work.
  14. Oh dear. The HMRC will never ring you - they will always write to you. Never ever go on a conferance call as they can control your phone once connected, to make the scam appear real.
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