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  1. If I get unsolicited letters like this with a pre-paid envelope, I stuff them with junk mail and send it back to them. Petty? Yes. Satisfying? Oh yes!
  2. Looks like the signage was for the road on the left and not the dual carriageway. You can see a little further the contra-flow signage for the dual carriageway adjacent to both lanes.
  3. Interesting enough, one set of ANPR cameras at Tesco Extra in Pool, Redruth has reportedly stopped working, so if you enter from one direction and exit the other, you won't be recorded as left the site. Boris
  4. We've heard nothing yet. If nothing arrives over the weekend we'll chase the solicitors on monday, although there's been no sight of the neighbours since. Either way, my daughters premium will go up and she's accepted this. The only solace we have is that the claimant's premium may also go up.
  5. Sorry, meant to put our solicitor ripping holes in the claimants witness statement.
  6. Interesting morning yesterday. Our solicitor trying to rip holes in our witness statements and the claimant's solicitor doing the same to us. We were excused after being cross-examined. My daughter was in tears during her stint. There are is no denying that our car struck their car - a few seconds earlier and it would have been the other way round. I thing most of the haggling is going to be around the medical evidence and the compensation levels. The judge allowed us to leave at this point. Still waiting to hear about the judgment. I'm just hoping that it will be 50/50 but it wouln't be much difference if it went completely against her insurance wise, which she has accepted.
  7. We received the witness statement in November, the best work of fiction since the bible! Whoever wrote it must have failed their english CSE. Full of spelling and typographical errors. Court date is this Thursday. We have been allocated a local solicitor to represent us. Interesting that the claimant has now said that they were prepared to accept a 50/50 but we have intimidated them! Do I smell BS here? We've not spoken or interacted with them since the incident or perhaps it was because we didn't get them a Christmas card. We're trying to be adult about this and think they are desperate and why has this only just been raised. I would call the claimants partner standing outside their house staring and pointing as we drive pass intimidating, but I have thick skin and only care about my family.
  8. Thanks Honeybee, I've just got off the phone to her solicitors, so its on their radar now. We have a bit of a plan, but it depends on the outcome of tomorrow's appointment. If it goes well and she understands that there is a problem, then we can suggest that her solicitor comes out to visit her - to check things are ok and to have a general chat. If it goes the other way and it's deemed that she is too far down the line to make a concious decision, then the alternative is via the courts with a deputy arrangement, can't remember what the solicitor called it. We moved near to her in early 2000's when she had a major operation to look after her, it's just the last couple of years, with the last few months in particular (sorry just feeling it bit as I'm typing). She wrote a pantomime when she was a head teach in the 70's and she gave it to my drama group to do. She can't even remember who wrote it now. My wife is the main beneficiary in her will, which was done over 10 years ago, so we have no issues and just want to do whats best for her and keep those who are coming out of the woodwork just because she is nearing the end of her life. Sorry I'm rambling, but this is the only way I can express myself. Boris
  9. Forgive me if I'm rambling, but can someone point me to some advice about power of attorney. My aunt has vascular dementia and her faculties are not good. She has issues with her short term memory and now long term is starting to be affected. My wife and I have been looking after her for the last 14 years, but the dementia has only been over the last year. Auntie owns a cottage and a small amount of land. We are now having issues with her step family - they're all coming out of the wood work and you can probably guess why. We've finally got her gp to diagnose the dementia and are taking her to the dementia liaison service tomorrow. We're hoping she will understand that she has dementia and we want to take steps to ensure she is being taking cared of properly and not going to be taken advantage of. Boris
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