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  1. Then I guess I fall into the 1/5 that they couldn't be bothered with
  2. The FOS are a bunch of jokers and wont do anything about PDL's -
  3. Many many thanks both for your responses ...I feel a little better Zelig
  4. Hi I am just in a DMP at present and had EPDL emailing me to see why I havent paid my contractual payment. I emailed them back and gave contact info from my DPM people and staright away they emailed me with the following: "As a first loan your account will be sent for immediate doorstep collection!!" I have deffered the payments in the past 3 times each time paying quite a hefty 97.00 per month I just thought they might have been a littl more understanding??? Any help appreciated Thanks Zelig
  5. Hi I wrote a letter to their address - do not call them !!
  6. Sadly I became a victim of Payday loans when I lost my job ...it was the only way I could make ends meet - at one stage I had 4 Payday loans with various companies and I defaulted on all 4 - I think I took out around 400.00 and would have had to payback around 1200.00 until I contacted Citizens Advice who made arrangements with all 4 to pay back minumum of 50.00 a month. 1 company agreed on a final settlement of 80.00 for a debt of 180.00! but am still paying back the others (from a seperate back account to my current one) - Hard lesson to learn but I would advise everyone never to take these
  7. Sorry for the delay- been away - I wouldnt let them have any access to your Bank Card at all - this is where I went wrong- ask them to accept cheque or PO - the more access they have to your details the easier it is for them to take money - they are a pretty unscrupulous bunch !! Zelig33
  8. Sillygirl/Jamie thanks both for your advice - I have just had the Collection Dept call me and say they have listened to my original call and nowhere did I mention my new bank details only my card details - this is why they sent the payment to the other bank as this was the only bank details they held? - even though they took a payment from my new account 4th October? I have "composed" a letter to their Complaints dept - but as I am very short cashwise - I will have to find out if my job is in jeopary as petrol costs are going to eat into my housekeeping?? Thanks Again Zelig33
  9. Jamie - strangely enough they did send me the money back .....but to an old account of mine with A/L - Santander which is in dispute with FSA and is already overdrawn - so they made me slightly less overdrawn now? - Santander say they cannot send the money back? and Lending Stream say they cannot take it as i never gave them my new details (bank account-sort code) even though they took the money originally from the card attached to the account.? Any ideas? Ta Zelig33
  10. Appreciate your reply Jamie - but they took money because I gave them my card details to pay off my debts - but they took it 2 weeks earlier than they should have done? and guess what? - they did reverse and pay me back - unfortunately to my old bank account which is no longer in existance !! - guess another phone call on Monday from me then !!!
  11. Hi - havent been here for a while although still struggling !! I wonder if anyone can help with an issue I have with Lending Stream I recently changed my bank details and for some reason this info was delayed getting to Lending Stream and consequently resulted in me missing a payment of 85.40 + 12.00 fees - they called me and I setup a payment plan - giving them all my new details - I was asked if I could meke the missed paymen first and told them it would leave me a bit short - hence the above payment plan was put in place to start 30 th October (my payday) - I logged in to my bank acc
  12. I just recieved a letter from Alliance and Leicester in response to a written query regarding bank charges I sent them almost 3 months ago? They say "We are satisfied that the bank charges you seek to reclaim were properly charged and the outcome of the legal proceedings confirms our position. We are therefore not upholding your complaint and we will not be refunding the bank charges you have complained about " Incidentally I never started any pocedures just a query and a complain regarding the charges! Any ideas where to go next?
  13. Many thanks for your advice surprise I will get the ball rolling Ta Zelig
  14. Thanks for the info - much appreciated - I have however just received a letter from 1st Credit stating amognst other things "we ask to contact the office so we can agree payment terms" and "we will comply with any request for a copy of personal info etc etc ......send your request with £10 for admin fee" - Now I know that the £170 is for 2 missed payments of £85.50 so it looks like its the original outstanding debt and nothing further. I want to pay it but wonder whats the best way of doing it as they have offere me loads of payment options? Should I send my £10.00 for the info and then
  15. Good advice thanks - how do I go about this then...what forms do I need to fill out?
  16. Many thanks - one thing however - I am pretty much sure I cannot afford the full ammount £170 in one go - could I make an arrangement with these? - also they said on the phone that they had sent letters to me (which I never received) zelig33
  17. OK I will try and make my question a wee bit easier to answer as no one can seem to help? I have contacted Quick Quid who inform me the £171.00 is for 2 missing payments which I fully accept - so how do I treat 1st Credit now - do I just pay? or try and arrange a payment plan? any help would be very much appreciated Thanks Zelig
  18. Thanks good advice - although I had no idea who they were and what they were after until I called them?
  19. Dave I arranged a meeting with their Financial Expert as my debts were massive - I suppose I buried my head in the sand etc - CAB were really brilliant , no judgement and lots of help including numerous followups to see how I was doing - they managed to arrange minimal payments with every single one of my unsecured debts ...beleive me there were loads!! loans,credit cards and Payday stuff - I would really reccommend them - the thing is - I couldnt sleep and was getting sicker by the minute until they helped me - I felt like the whole strees was off my back as I walked out of the office??
  20. I just emailed Quick Quid with a payment plan and they readily agreed - I then stupidly missed one of the arranged payments and they sent my account to 1st Credit who called me today see other threads of mine ....the story goes on - by the way I had loans with 4 different Payday sites and have paid 3 of them back by offering reduced payments - I think you just need to call/email them and make the offer? Good Luck Zelig
  21. I used CAB who sent letters of repayment offers to all my Payday jaunts (4 in all!!) they accepted reduced payments to clear of debts aprt from PaydayUK who passed my account to Clarity who also accepted minimum payments? zelig
  22. Dave - I too was slightly foolish and desperate to take out a few Payday Loans - with P4P and Payday UK and Quick Quid - when I found out I couldnt afford to pay I went to Citizens advice and they sent letters on my behalf to all 3 suggesting I would pay what I could i.e £20 - £40 per month and all 3 readily agreed?They have to accept some minimum payment and as the letters cam from CAB they seemed to do the trick? - Try them out - they have been brilliant for me - I also had numerous unsecured debts and all have accepted minimal payments.!! Good Luck zelig
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