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  1. Hi , Thanks for that. I'll send off the cca and SAR requests this week. I don't have the original agreement unfortunately. I'm sure I've had the card for over 10 years but cant remember when exactly. I would have applied for it online. I only had problems from Oct 2015 as I couldn't make the minimum payment. I had never missed a payment before so there probably won't be many charges to claim back, but I guess something is better than nothing. I've had no ppi insurance either but I guess the SAR will prove that. I have written proof that bc said they would stop interest. Kin
  2. Hi, Been struggling financially the last few months after being made redundant from my job and I am unable to make the minimum payment on my barclaycard credit card (balance 12,000) as the salary in my new position is considerably less than before. I contacted barclaycard in writing as soon as i got into difficulty and arranged an alternative monthly payment of £30 per month. They reluctantly agreed to this and agreed that any interest and charges would be frozen but as the new payment was not enough the account would eventually go into default. I received a default notice for t
  3. Thanks for the pointers Wintry. The house is jointly owned. I've also added a copy of my SOA. The 3 adults are myself, my wife and our older daughter who is currently unemployed and on JSA, so is still financially dependant on us. No mortgage arrears. The value of the house is an approx value but i wouldn't expect it to be worth any more than that. My wife is a carer and needs the car to travel to work and the person she cares for. we live in NI. Household Information Number of adults in household........... 3 Number of children in household......... 3 Number of cars owned.....
  4. Thanks for that CitizenB. I'll have a look at completing the CFS and will take it from there. The debts are all unsecured.
  5. Hi, I currently have unsecured debts in excess of £30,000 on a number of credit cards and i've finally reached the point were i've realised its time to sort the issue out. I've been sticking my head in the sand for too long!! £10,000 Barclaycard £10,000 Halifax CC £10,000 Virgin (MBNA) £3,500 Santander CC With this in mind i'm looking for a bit of advice. All debt payments are currently up to date but to be honest we are robbing peter to pay paul so while all the payments are being met the balances are not going down and in fact are increasing every month. I'm probably l
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