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  1. Just posted my LBA so fingers crossed i dont need to go to court.
  2. Just a little update. After 3 weeks since lba was final signed for my mum has recieved full payment wooooooohooooooooooo.
  3. Thanks Eileen i ll get it in the post tomorrow. My clain is only £434 but its better in my pocket than it is in theirs.
  4. I wrote to them during the week lol.I got the rest of my statements this morning which are photocopies whi they guy yesterday told me he would get.Anyway im a bit puzzled cos in the same post i got a letter saying we are sorry to hear you are unhappy with our charges but we think they are fair blah blah.Bear in mind ive not written my first letter.My question is do i now go ahead with my LBA now.
  5. ok been on phone.The reason i havent got the 3 years i need is cos they are bos ones and are on a diff system.2004 was the time when they merged with halifax. hes put a request in to the administration dept so i just need to sit and wait AGAIN.Grrrrrrrrrr lets hope all goes well this time.
  6. well i got all excited when the post came today.12 envelopes of statements i thought woooohoooooooooo. you wont believe this but its the 3 years i already have. so once again on the phone i go.
  7. oh i never thought of that that woulda been time of the merger.they have till friday to get them to me.
  8. Well i recieved my statements today.Wooohoo i thought. opened them and they are only from 2004.soooooooo on the phone i go again and the woman says i should have the other 3 years by the end of the week.I wont hold my breath mind.Mine came in 1 big envelope not loads like others have.They have till friday or bk on the phone i go.
  9. Keep phoning yid i got mine today minus 3 years worth but im now further forward than i was yeasterday.Phone customer relations not the banking services.
  10. Yid im at 60 odd days and still got nothing.I also phoned them 3 times and sent a letter stating they have 7 days to get my statements too me.I hope you have more luck than me.
  11. Ahh thanks big mac its only been 30 days cos she got her statements after 2 days.Thanks for clarifying it.
  12. Just my luck stevo lol nothing ever runs smoothly for me.i sent my non compliance letter today so they will have 7 days from tomoz to get my info.
  13. So i need to wait 8 wks from when i sent the lba?and then contact the fos? What id Lloyds dont get in touch?
  14. Well the lba went and my mum heard nothing. Where do i find out about going down the ombudsman route as my mum is elderly and does nt want to go to court.
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