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  1. Kurt I think Fat Controller or any other member, has the right to decide what threads they start without you jumping in and being rude and unhelpful. Danny
  2. No response to LBA so issued NI at my local court today. I attached a schedule of charges and interest using the spreadsheet in the templates library. I have only claimed the 8% S.69 interest. However, the court staff were querying the schedule and said that the judge would have to decide if it was ok. They seemed to be very unsure about the way it was set out i.e. multiple figures. Has anyone had similar experience or is it just my local court not being used to this type of claim. All comments helpfull FC
  3. Hi all Eggheads still playing games! Sent SAR 31 March 2007 and today (27 April) received letter asking for proof of ID. Do they really think they can derail the Fat Controller!!!! I think not. Good luck to everyone. FC
  4. SAR sent 21st March 07. Statements received today 20th April 07. Three statements missing so non - compliance letter sent today. FC
  5. Hi Posh Stars The address for your prelim letter and LBA is: Customer Relations Customer Central Support First Floor The Forthstone 56 South Gyle Cres Edinburgh EH12 9LE Good luck!
  6. Prelim letter sent 27th March. Today received std " thank you for your letter............we will deal with it next christmas" blah blah LBA off tomorrow, Friday the 13th!!! FC
  7. Since I sent the prelim letter and schedule the bank have added more charges. Can I send an updated schedule with the LBA or should i stick with the original schedule? Any advice please? FC
  8. I sent prelim letter with schedule of charges up to 28th Feb 2007. They have added more charges on March statement. Can I update the schedule for the LBA or should I stick with the original schedule. All comments appreciated. FC
  9. Sent SAR to 1 Churchill Place on 22nd March. Received letter today (2nd April) from Andrew Miskell Privacy & Data Protection Radbroke Hall Knutsford Cheshire WA16 (EU "We refer to your recent letter blah blah ........ We will be sending you copy bank statements for the period requested in the next few weeks (without charge)...............information prior to 2000 is stored manually.................there may be an increase in the time required to collate the information..............Nevertheless we will supply you with the statements as requested within the statutory 40-day time period. As regards your mention of manual intervention, the Act does not oblige the bank to comment about internal policies and procedures................the bank does not hold the information you have requested in a form that would be covered by the act........ Question What significance do "manual interventions" have in my claim for charges and do Barclays have to supply this information. Any comments please!!!!!! FC
  10. Sent prelim letter with claim for £1800 on 28th March. Awaiting developments! FC
  11. Thanks for the replies. I was hoping that would be the case. I can now set about getting some money back from RBOS. FC
  12. I want to reclaim charges paid on my current account but am worried because my mortgage is also with RBOS and i would like to borrow money later in the year for work on the house. Has anyone got experience of RBOS retaliating after a successful claim?
  13. Have sent SAR today. Have included one current account and two personal loan accounts in this SAR. Is this OK?
  14. Have sent SAR today. 40 days and counting !!!!!!
  15. Hi to everyone. I have spent a few days reading as much as I can of FAQ's and other forums. I am now about to start reclaiming charges from Barclays and from Capital One Bank. On reading the SAR letter in the templates library I noticed it doesn't have any dates on it. Is it implicit that the data should be for the past six years or do I need to state that? All advice and support will be warmly received.
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