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  1. Hi Foxee don't give in to them. They either accept a payment plan or don't get paid. Let them whistle for the bank statements. As for adding interest on, they can but doesnt mean you have to agree and pay it. They don't go the court route (not surprising) so no agreement = no payment. Not much they can do really. By all means tell them why you will not provide statements. Assume you bank account is safe from them!
  2. I think I would still get my card cancelled. Just in case.
  3. Standing order is safe as you are making an external payment from your bank. You pay in to their account with a reference no. (usually acc no). As long as you set the order up yourself in the bank and don't let them do it you should be fine. You can also cancel or change at any time. They can't access your account to take any more buy this method
  4. I think St Johns Street is used as an official company address for hundreds of companies. gives them a registered address which they need by law at a fraction of the cost of 'living' somewhere themselves.There are some linked companies and I suspect the list is always changing. Cash Genie are the biggest risk as they use their other company (can't remember name) to obtain card info which their t & c's allow them to take.
  5. Gothia will eventually write with an even more generous offer, usually about 40% of the figure owed. In the meantime I would ignore their e-mails as they are trying to get you to phone them.I reckon you can play hard ball with this lot. Just refuse to agree anything you are not happy with.
  6. If you spot that a DD has been set up - get it reversed same day under the DD guarantee systenm. QQ tend to set their up in the early hours and may have taken payment before you are up in the morning.
  7. Gothia tend to make all sorts of half price offers etc if you refuse to pay them. One of the easiest for coming to an arrangement with. They don't seem to fancy the court route from what I have seen.
  8. You are right BAE If you have the patience and time to defend you can take your chances. Always better settled out of course if possible as even the best defended case is at the mercy of the district judge on the day. This works both ways of course. Ultimately if they won't be reasonable court is not such a bad thing, especially when you can demonstrate that you have tried to reach a settlement and CG are having none of it. Courts don't like these companies clogging up their lists for the sake of it.
  9. Excellent - What a shame CFO don't like it. Hopefully more banks will follow suit and more people will try to put pressure on them to get their money back.
  10. Well done Stressed. You are slowly regaining control. No point arguing with QQ as they rarely listen if you can't pay over 3 months. You never know, you might get a special offer from their DCA of choice.
  11. Cash Genie are one of the few of these companies that will follow through on their court threat along with the likes Tower Capital and debit card loans. Having said that they may be willing and prefer to settle out of court. Court is not such a bad thing and I think CG would look quite stupid to argue you had no intention of paying. I would prefer to take my chance in court than pay nearly a grand in interest on a small loan like yours.
  12. Hi Lovewish. NDR or their associates have no more right to visit you than I do. Bailiffs will need a court judgement against you and for you to fail to pay it. You are a long way from that. I think you have two options 1- tell them to get lost and that you will see them in court or 2 make them a monthly offer to pay back say £125 in total. Either way their £750 'balance' is a joke. Make sure you keep a copy of all correspondence. I am 99% certain they will never take you to court. Good luck and don't worry about it.
  13. Hi Penny Data protection? - it is your data and you are happy to deal in this way. No doubt they were happy to make the loan to you on line and no doubt sent a copy of the CCA to you by this method? They are talking rubbish. By all means write to them just refuse to talk to them on the phone, just in case this is what they are after.
  14. A good start. PTP will agree to nothing so you will have to wait till to pass on to DCA. Just stand firm with Speedydosh until they agree to a reasonable figure. In the meantime the only company that gets paid is OML who have been reasonable.
  15. Hi Penny Get the bank to recall/reverse the direct debit. they have no choice but to do this if you are quick.
  16. They won't contact your employer but can leave embarrasing messages if you don't answer the phone. As for reasonable ammount it depends on your circumstances-how much do you owe them?
  17. Hi betty. Make reasonable offer of payment plan subject to all charges and interest being frozen. PTP are a pain but will pass to a dca that will be more reasonable. Pde will also agree monthly plans. Basic rule is to protect your funds by losing card or getting new account and then they will have to negotiate with you on your terms.
  18. This is how they work. Sillygirl is right, they have very little power over you. You can't give them what you havnt got and any court will support this. If they don't accept reasonable offers tell them to take you to court and let judge decide. They will not break in so don't worry about that.
  19. Hi Penny looks like you have made a good start and I assume your funds are totally safe (new account/cxd card etc). PTP - pass to DCA who are normally fine to deal with PDE - usually agree plan but may pester you for an I/E form WDA - usually good for a plan but you may have to play hardball on their charges. Dont know much about the others but plenty in this forum Other than that stick to your guns and only offer reasonable repayments that you can afford. Also never more than original amount plus one months interest.No agreement made = no payment! - they will soon be in touch Good luck
  20. I would just tell them that you have taken advice from CCCS and are dealing with the arrangements yourself. If they don't accept just play hardball with them. QQ don't go to court and have very little to threaten you with.
  21. If you play hard to get with the DCA long enough they tend to back down and agree to all sorts of plans/discounted settlements etc. Nothing else they can do, as Jamie says they have not been to court yet over one of these agreements.
  22. A good spot. Worth a reply just to keep it at the top of the threads list. No doubt it will get it's share of victims.
  23. After a while they get bored and pass to DCA. They used to use Phillips (and they are easy enough to see off). They don't as yet take people to court so they will have to be reasonable in the end.
  24. You need to have a chat with you bank and find out what has been going through your account. If not guaranteed you should be able to get them to stop any future cheques. You can then take them up on that repayment plan. Good luck (and welcome to CAG)
  25. Sometimes court is the thing that is in your favour. Doubt for a minute thy will take you there. Make sure your funds are safe, bank cards cancelled etc. They often help themselves if they can. Personally I would refuse to pay any more than your original offer. Just because they invent a balance doesnt mean you have to agree to pay it!
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