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  1. And I know you are on here, I thought you was going to relax and chill out!!! or as my teenager says chillax
  2. You will get lots of good advice on here, each of us putting little bits to you. Now if like me you had a "breakdown" of their fees enclosed with the letter, hand posted through your door, then I'd still do what HW said............if you want to pursue the bailiffs! now at this very early stage I have decided not to go this route, basically because they haven't had nor got my money! And as I have written to the court, at least the court that 'issued' this order is aware there are some discrepencies! But if you do decide to pursue this route then ask for the breakdown as HW suggested.
  3. Hey Tom, Hope you're about some time. Just wanted to let you know my update. Heard back from the high court, was told it was still infront of the Judges! Since had a letter telling me its been stayed until 30 nov AND I have liberty to apply for variation!!! ( only got 3 days to act though) Cas
  4. Hey Kelp I have/had a similar problem to yours ( mine is a water bill) I wrote to the High court and asked them for more time to pay. They informed me that decision had not been made yet and it was still in front of the Judges. So IMHO bailiffs are balliffs regardless of court!. I know you said what the debt is but have you had the county court paperwork? ( you must have for it to go to High court). Right I suggest you write to the High court, telling them why this was not dealt with 1) sooner and 2) at county court level. takes a bit of pride swallowing, but nothing compare
  5. Hi Shadow I will check out the new lending code. The inhouse dca has given me food for thought,don't want to go into too much detail yet, but once its resolved will let you know how it goes Best wishes cas
  6. Hi Shadow That makes interesting reading,they had passed it to a dca (their inhouse dca) so spitting my dummy out I wrote and told them account in dispute, they replied that they have put it on hold and would I let them know the details of my dispute, so am now trying to figure out how to word the letter. I like what you had to say and will mention that FOS route in my letter, but of course I won't let on I know the fee they would be charged. I'm not asking for this money to be "returned" it wasn't mine but nor did I ever use it, its just the fact I feel its constructive debt. Best wis
  7. Hi Shadow No they never gave us an overdraft, the nearest I got was a letter dated July 07 whereby they say " You will realise that no formal limit has been agreed between us" They then go on to say the interest rate. I'd written the month, (15th June 07), before requesting the refund of the bank charges. Cas
  8. Hi Everyone What can I do about an overdraft that is made up entirely of bank charges and interest? Had a loan and joint current account ( with my son) with HSBC, current account was put into dispute because of previous bank charges, loan account was my Son's and I believed he too had challenged this as it was a 'managed' loan. Due to personal circumstances he transfered the monthly repayment direct debit onto the joint account, believing the loan account was indispute, hsbc wrote and said they were waiting for outcome of court case regarding bank charges, but for 15 months they called
  9. Ploddertom I hereby declare that IMHO you are officially the best thing since sliced bread and I love you for it. Cas
  10. Oh and one other thing if it was to be heard at High Court wouldn't I have been told to appear and answer it? Cas
  11. Hi Tom the answers are No,No,No and yes But I must be honest here, I may have had letters, need to check this out but the one brain cell is acting like a sieve, no excuse I know but I am more interested in the £1100 bailiff fees. Now I know they have not been to my house before now, they claim they have levied etc but I have nothing from them so can't see how they can say they have a list to sell at local auction Cas
  12. Cassie the council are doing you NO favours! they seem to get off on stitching people up just like the bailiffs! But for future reference........... you don't have to pay to the bailiffs, that is just one option open to the councils ( and it appears the quickest way to get their money). The second you pay ANY money to a bailiff, he takes his fees first, so if you had a debt for £500 and he lumpped £300 fees and you agreed to pay £50 per week it would be 6 weeks before you start chipping away at the arrears, whereby if you pay the council it would all go towards the arrears, I fear that a
  13. Hi Cassie Firstly, you are not alone, plenty of us have been where you are and we're still standing There is plenty you can do, I always advise people when sending any correspondence to sent it recorded delivery, bailiffs say they haven't received it, then you can prove otherwise. A few facts for you, IMO bailiffs are nothing more than bullies, and they play on your ignorance, they will tell you the sky is bright pink if they thought they could get away with it! I, too am self employed and if I have 7 months work in a year then I've had a good year! So bearing that in mind, I s
  14. Hi Everyone What, in layman terms, is the difference between a high court enforcement officer and a county court bailiff? I have received a hand delivered letter, stating I have an outstanding balance of £918.62 for water rates. The letter is titled " High Court form 55 -notice of seizure. Now, at no time has these guys entered nor even spoke to me yet the demand is for......................£2,261.18 Their "schedule" for this is made up as follows; Amount of Judgement or Order ( including interest awarded by Judgement or Order) £918.62 Judgement costs £147.0
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