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  1. HiI've been helping a friend of mine with issues of debt for a couple of years which all started when her parents dies and she had to handle her finances for the first time in her life. At the time she didn't really understand implications of interest rates etc but was just desperate not to lose her house. She's done really well clearing all of her cards etc. She has one debt outstanding which is a nasty one which she's been handling on her own but is a bit stuck and I feel i'd like some advice to help her as i'm not sure where to start with this one.She took out a personal loan with Black Ho
  2. Hi Does anyone have an address for Natwest Collections department please? thanks Den
  3. this happened to me as well I had the cliam transferred to my local court-I think you have 14 days to do this-Then I took my documents-went to see the judge who was very nice. Noone else turned up and he let me pay £25 per month. It takes bottle but don't forget the "court" is normally just and office with a man or wman sitting at a table-Its not scary. Denise
  4. Hi to all Did anyone have a postal adress for Wonga-my stuff is coming back returned-has anyone succeeded in reaching them by post? many thanks Denise
  5. Erm-why are you using a payday loan service at a stupid percentage rate? Things are obviously not financially rosy in your garden are they?-wouldn't it be cheaper for you to take out a short term loan at the bank or ask your husband or doesn't he know? Also I'd love to ask how do you get a payday loan if you are not in work and being paid?? Something a bit fishy I think.
  6. Hi You need to contact the bank and just simply say you have lost your card and can they send you a new one-this will stop them using the card. Be careful though if they have your bank details they may try to set up a standing order so keep checking. I'd ask your bank not to accept any direct debits from that company.Regarding the e mails-carry on sending them but back them up with postal copies send recorded delivery-that way they they can't dispute they've received them. Good Luck Den
  7. I was furious at the judgement last week as it made me feel very small and powerless-however on reflection and for the principle I am going to continue with my claim. I'm only at the request for repayment letter stage however I have sucessfully claimed charges back from another banks and a couple of credit cards. I am also helping 3 of my friends with their claims. Looking at the judgement agian there is no reason why we can't continue to fight on for repayment of these despicable charges and I am awaiting the new templates so when I get the kiss off from NatW I wil already have put the new l
  8. I might be imagining it but I had an odd letter today-I'm claiming for NatW. They'd already previously sent me their standard bog off letter and becuase I'd mentioned hardship, a statement of earnings form. This was few weeks ago and I didn't bother because the judgement was so close but also they kind of threatened all manner of nasty thibgs would happen to my bank account/loan etc. I decided to wait but I've had another letter today almost asking me please to to put in a harship cliam and saying even if I don't my complaint will be dealt with ASAP after the judgement-I could be imagining it
  9. Hi Just reading your posts. If you look at my posts you'll see I've already dealt with my payday stuff. My advice is this Deal with them only in wrting or alternatively by e mail. Send them a letter (template on this site) saying you will only deal with them in writing. Do not give them card details of any sort-just tell them you don't have one as the bank asked for it back. Only sned payments by cheque or postal order pr standing orders-no direct debits as they'll try to take more than agreed. Stand firm-just keep on offering what you can afford-The debt will eventually get passed o
  10. Thanks to all for the good wishes-the judge was really really nice-not patronising at all-he just wanted to the do the best for me-he was on my side probably because I'd had the guts to turn up in person so I'd say to anyone to go for it Den
  11. I decided to send a Personal financial statement as per usual with everything included and a couple of items of proof shuch as a photocopy of my wages and a bank statement. I received a cheque for the full amouint within a fortnight. Den
  12. Just an update on this thread. I gathered all of my stuff together (that took ages to put in some kond of sensible order) and attended the local court. The creditors didn't bother to attend. I went into small room with just me and the judge and he looked at my fiancial statement and ok'ed a payment of £20 per month and set the payment date at the time of the month that suited me best. i would recommned doing this for anyone as it didn't cost me a penny more-just a bit of bravery!
  13. I didn't actually fill out an N244. I sent in my finacial statement to Northampton within the 16 days allowed and asked that if it could be tranferred to my local court and they just did it-They say they have informed the collection company (Robinson Way) but I I'm guessing they have had no other contact or discussion with them. Do I need to take proof of everything with me-utility bills childminding etc or does the declaration on the FS suffice? Den
  14. I've had a letter back from the court saying it is being transferred to my local court for redeterimination-any advice on what to do now-I'm quite scared about this as I don't know what will happen Den
  15. Thankas for the replies.I've only masked out my personal and employment details. So application forms are not valid? I think one of these sent a copy of some terms and conditions but they were undated and unsigned-just a sheet. I woudn't know where or when they came from. I've got 2 Barclaycard applications which are actually worse than these. The Barclay Mastercard one sent 3 photocopied sheets -again I wouldn't know where they came from. I've been making reduced payments on this card now for for abouit 10 years and they still send me threatening letters and defaults if I am late with a pa
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