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  1. I suppose it would not hurt to be specific, but I thought that the SAR would be more along the lines of 'show me all that you have'. Sometimes little gems are thrown up in the content. What I am really asking - I need to be 100% clear on what gives them a right to report to credit agency even while the amount is disputed. I guess the right to report will be in the agreement. I know for a fact that this agreement was done via telephone via an agent for T-Mobile, so I doubt that they have the signed paperwork. I can't use the Consumer Credit act - its not credit. Is ther
  2. I am hoping that we don't have to get all legal about it. I am hoping that through rational and reasonable discussion we can resolve this matter to satisfaction of both sides. The way things stand, both T-Mobile and I are losing out - T-Mobile have lost a customer, I will and actively do let my friends know about the shoddy mess...the old analogy where losing 1 customer costs you 100 potentials, because each 10 tell another ten. It holds true. Reputation Damage is very bad for any company. TMobile lose out because they could be getting some payment, rather than none. I lose o
  3. I asked that the first time I got the statement .. no joy Yes lame, what is the point of that - the t&c's didn't arrive until after I got home
  4. Well ... apart from asking them what rates the tariff carries and does it defintively cover Turkey what else could I have done? I bet they won't have proof that they didn't. It's the only default on my record. I got declined for even the most basic of credit cards yesterday, seriously going to lessen my wedding celebration plans. Has to be that there is nothing else negative on there, so it will be deep breath and count to ten when dealing with them.
  5. I will do that right away, and wait and see. In my requirements for resolution I will say that I would like the bill reduced to the level I agreed originally, subject to their current european tarriff. I will say that I want copies of the last statement so that I can verify that the call times x tarriff is OK. I will ask for time to pay that amount. I will say until such time that the complaint is in resolved please stop reporting this as a default on my credit file, or we go to law. Fair?
  6. Hi All, I have a tricky situation. The background of it is like this. I have had some debt troubles in the past and thankfully these are mostly over now. There was one very problematic Default /CCJ from Cabot - but with the magnificent help of this site's members I managed to 'persuade' them that they were in the wrong. Now gone from my credit file. I have one other bad thing in my record and as it is fairly recent. I need a bit of advice to handle that one. OK so lets start at the begining. Year before last, I went out to Turkey to help my elderly mum move her app
  7. Ok so if it is not to be a full and final settlement - what other type is there? I'm thinking of being cheeky and asking that we reduce the balance to one pound. Would that work? From what I understand having a balance on the account keeps the account in dispute and the contract in action. Would you help me to draft a letter to Wescot to be something along those lines. This is new territory, so all guidance is welcome...... Once this is sorted, I know that I will have to step up to the plate and get more active on here ... that is not a problem for me - i will make it a personal
  8. I think that you have maybe misunderstood Sarah's comments a little. Nowhere in post 9 does she say that we must not settle - she merely indicates that Wesot can be stopped in their tracks. We will be taking this to it's full extent, but I would like to go by the book on this. 'The book' i'm talking about is the Banking Code, which is the standard that the FOS will apply when making their determination of HBOS' conduct.
  9. That cannot be the position I'm afraid as we are aware that the loan has not yet come to term. We estimate that there are 18 payments left to go.
  10. Sorry, I don't agree. I would refer you to both the Banking Code and the FOS Guidelines. Thus: If FOS determines that HBOS have acted improperly they will come down on them 'like a ton of bricks' (I quote my solicitor there) - The guidance from FOS is always to settle the debt and reclaim according to your statutory rights afterward. The banking code is aligned to that guidance. For the record, I don't think that mom can take much more of the worry - hence making the settlement will releive that burden. She worries that we may not win the case and couldn't take that. I know
  11. OK, My Mum,Her partner and myself all think that the best way forward for this would be to settle at the figure we have been given, and then press our rights as has been discussed previously. We have a slight concern that because we have also instructed a solicitor to enquire as to the true standing of the account. I hope that HBOS have the sense not to ignore an officer of the law. Our solicitor drafted a strong letter to HBOS. Now we wait for the results, but We feel that HBOS will now realise the seriousness of this matter and that it is not going to go away, and res
  12. Well Sarah, As a scotsman I would use a claymore rather than a gun !!!!
  13. Apologies for the nonsense, it has been removed for clarity. Had a brain wave - anyone point me in the direction of the rules surrounding the communication of the default?
  14. Guys, This is far far worse than first thought. The balance is now £5298.xx I'm in way over my head, but I can swim real good - UPDATE The debt has NOT been assigned to Wescot, they are merely acting on behalf of HBOS. We have even been told by the Manager of the branch where the original loan was taken out
  15. agreed. in 1974 the ratio of wealth to populous was 7:84. Let me explain that 7% of the populous owned 84% of the wealth. Who here thinks that the situation has improved?
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