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  1. ooer well a gota go back away to work abroad till sept so am ****ed lol erm what will happen if i leave them to sort it, rekon theyl jus offer me part of the money back, its only for £120
  2. erm well iv just got back from holiday n the 14 days were up about 3 days ago now i think or maybe 1, does that matter?? and will this cost me anything?? Im going back away on the 28th of june, do you think this will be sorted by then??
  3. sent the 1st one saying i want my charges in 14 days, got a reply sayin it may take 4 weeks n they will contact me bout it, then sent the next letter 14 days later giving them another 14 days, and jus recieved a letter back sayin ther stil looking into it n it may take another 4 weeks coz their very busy with these claims.... what should i do now? just wait??
  4. I have sent off the letter asking the bank for my charges back within the next 14 days using a template, im only claiming back £130, the only prob is, i sent the letter recorded delivery and recieved a letter back this fri jus gone... the letter look like a standard letter saying sorry to hear your complainin, and they will "investigate" it and get back to me, but it says they may contact me in 4 weeks....surely there is nothing to "investigate".... has anyone else had this letter and in another 7 days when they have had their 14 days, should i send the 2nd letter off saying i am stil unhapy and give them another 7 days or il follow up with court??? thanx
  5. i understad i run that risk anyway, but are they more likely to take it from me if i claim the charges back...in retaliation kind of
  6. if im at minus 600 at the moment, i claim 300 back lets say, but they demand the overdraft back off me and then take if off me, that meens afta i claim i am at - 300, then they demand the rest back, so i pay 300 in, which takes me to 0.00 then they take my overdraft away from me, that now meens i then have no overdraft which i need for when i buy my car... get me now??
  7. oh and....has anyone claimed money back before....who was in their overdraft at the time, and did the bank demand it back or not?? anyone elses experience would be appreaciated
  8. Erm the overdraft is £600 and im 550 into it. if the claim is £300 roughly and they refund it, could they then demand the rest is payed back and then take my overdraft away completley...meening in the end iv actually come out £300 down at the moment??
  9. I have just requested a copy of all bank charges for the last 6 years, i only think it will be around £300 but i currently have a 5-6 overdraft which is almost maxed out... is it possible that if i try and claim the charges back, that they may demand the overdraft money back all at once? thanx
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