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  1. I'm going to court tomorrow (tue) 10.30 - has anyone suing the RBS gone to court and won? Has anyone gone to court won due to the RBS not turning up or has the RBS settled on the last day? They offered me £185 but refused interest £20.11 and wanted me to keep quiet so I am taking them all the way as matter of principle - I shouldn't have to keep quiet and I want the interest. Anyone help? And I'm looking for a buddy - have emailed the buddy system but no-one replied yet. If anyone fancies chumming me to court I'd be very grateful. J
  2. Hi everyone Well the RBS offered me charges back plus court costs but not the interest and they asked me not to speak to a third party. I declined on principle and to ensure everyone is aware if I'm successful that they can be. They have now lodged with the court that they are defending all the claim. So it goes to court on Tuesday. I need to file a minute today before 4pm. So basically they're going to court for £20.11 min as that's the interest! They agreed to pay back £180.00 but not the interest. Are they mad ? Well my defence will be that they have offered
  3. GREAT NEWS - my final date is tomorrow before I minute the court then go to court on Tuesday. They offered me most back but wouldn't pay the interest and wanted me to keep quiet so I refused. Have demanded all back including interest. Not long to go. J
  4. WELL DONE - it gives hope for the rest of us. Fantastic news. J
  5. Hi Capital One have written to me saying they will refund all charges and costs but they want me to sign an agreement saying I will agree to their charges or close my account. I am not going to sign the agreement. Instead I shall write them a letter saying I agree to the refund and to charges that are fair and accurate costs of claiming back any money I owe. I don't intend using the account but won't close it. If they close it that's fine. J;)
  6. I have received a letter from Halifax - they are paying me back all charges plus costs. Deadline for court is 2nd October - now that's last minute isn't it ! Keep up the good work. J;)
  7. Thanks - you put a smile on my face ! I promise also to donate money to this site once all claims settled. We need to fight for each other and keep everyone motivated. Well done to the creator of this site.
  8. Hi I have received an offer for my charges plus the court fees but not the interest. They have also asked me to keep quiet. After deliberation for a week or so I have decided to decline as a matter of principal. The interest is only £20 but I firmly believe that I need to stand ground. The charges are unenforceable by law therefore why should I keep quiet. The banks are in the wrong. They now have until 3rd Oct to reply with FULL refund or it goes to court on the 10th October. I am suspecting that others claiming from RBS have settled and have been told to say nothing hence why the
  9. Keep up the good work - just to let you know in my statement yesterday it looks like MBNA have credited me with ALL charges. They said they would only credit part so I was about to take them to court. Luckily I checked my statement first. So keep fighting. Joan TSB - court action taken waiting to hear - they declined anything back Monument - court action taken waiting to hear - declined anything back Halifax - court action taken waiting to hear - they offered part back Capital One - paid part back - taking them to court next RBS - court action taken waiting to hear - d
  10. Hi Yes that's right - I made a mistake - my claim to TSB was for £1K so I had to go through the English system. Got statement from MBNA last night and they have paid back ALL charges - they initially said they would only pay back part. VICTORY for one. Joan
  11. Hi From the court in Chambers Street in Edinburgh. You can only apply if there is a branch in the area. So it would depend on who owns Capital One ! Is Capital One a subsiduary company of another credit card? Does it have a branch in Scotland? The court will only deal with it if it has a branch in it's jurisdiction (area). Let me know where you found out differently ! Joan
  12. Just to let anyone know who is having problems - Jurisdiction If you are claiming through Scottish courts it can only be up to £1,000 in the small claims court and within the jurisdiction - ie their must be an office in Scotland and you must go to court in that locality of the branch. If you have to claim through the English courts and are Scottish or from another country you must have an address in England or Wales were you can have the payments sent to ie if you have a friend in England ask if you can use their address. I am claiming over £1,000 from Lloyds TSB therefore I am
  13. Hi everyone I have been to the sheriff court to put in claims but made some errors so here is my advice and I'd appreciate some help back. if you're claiming through the Scottish court please make sure in section 7 you put "total amount of claim plus interest)" at the end of that section. In section 4 where it says 8% annually remember to put in the from date ie "1 August 1999". You don't need to put in the end date as it will mean all charges to the current date. To claim in the Scottish courts the bank must have a branch in the area of the court! However, it may be that
  14. Hi Halifax offered me half the money back - their letter arrived Saturday. Today is deadline before I take them to court. Taking them to court tomorrow as well as all other companies. TSB refusing to give anything - court tomorrow Capital One - gave half back - taking to court tomorrow Egg - refusing to give anything back - court tomorrow Monument - offered half - I refused - not heard back - court tomorrow MBNA - deadline today - court tomorrow Halifax (as above) offered half - court tomorrow RBS refused - court tomorrow.
  15. Hi hostie and zootscoot Thanks for that. Hostie - they are just trying to get a deal and moving towards the £12 mark I think. Great to hear though that it doesn't affect existing claims. I feel better now and motivated to go to court. Cheers Joan
  16. Hi The banks are now changing their charges to a maximum of £12 which is what the OFT seemingly say is fair. Does that mean that we can't claim back all of the money. I'm concerned if the OFT say a maximum of £12 charge is sufficient that we won't get all the money back claimed. A thought I had though was that the OFT say the MAXIMUM is £12 being that only if it costs that amount to get money back! So if it only costs 50p because of an automatic machine then that's all they should charge. Two of my creditors have refunded/offered to refund part back to the £12 - I'm having to take t
  17. Hi Send them another letter stating "In receipt of your reply to my letter dated ? unfortunately your timescale is not acceptable. Please refund as per my letter dated ? by the 14 day deadline otherwise I will take further action". If that's your first letter they have responded to then wait the 14 day deadline then send out the second letter again "I regret you have chosen not to refund me etc etc" then wait the 14 days then take them to court. I received a letter from Monument saying they would reply by a certain time - I wrote and said it was unacceptable (sending the 2nd letter
  18. Hi go to the following web page. It is for information only. Follow the guidelines as you wish but it's my work's place and their view on harassment. If you search harassment on the internet you will find other sites which "don't suffer in silence". It will give you guidelines on what constitutes harassment and how to deal with it. Obviously you won't get any advice from my work, but you might find that the citizens advice place will be able to help deal with such cases. It may be just reading documents about harassment you are able to do something yourself about it and with proof s
  19. Hi That's shocking. I am actually a "contact officer for harassment" at my work so if anyone wants any advice let me know. I am prepared to act on your behalf if you have proof (ie a recording as such). I can get you a copy of a harassment document which states out clearly what defines harassment. Joan
  20. Hi I've had harassing calls from MBNA and Egg. I specifically don't answer my calls at home and when the caller doesn't leave a message I do 1471 and if it's obviously a credit card company I ignore it. Sometimes it's number whitheld. The most awkward ones were MBNA - they were phoning me constantly at work so I emailed their complaints place on the website telling them to stop harassing me and everything is to be dealt in writing. You can purchase a caller display and ignore any calls you don't recognise. Claims Capital One - paid half back - written again they have
  21. Hi Capital One have paid me back 1/2 my claim. Have written to them demanding whole amount back or taking to court. They have until 31st July to pay back. Other banks Providian/Monument have offered half back - have written saying unacceptable and again demanded whole amount back or taking to court. They have until 31st July. Lloyds TSB and Egg - have refused point blank to refund any money. Will be taking legal action either today or Monday. RBS - finally got a letter after 2nd letter sent to them saying they're dealing with it and will be back within 10 days - t
  22. Hi I have just received back 2nd letter from LTSB saying "no" to my claim. I am going to take them to court on Friday. When did they settle with you? Was it during your court claim or before that one! They do have a habit of making you feel as if you are in the wrong. They are dragging their feet. They owe me over £900. Cheers Joan
  23. Hi there I am still getting charges because my finances are in a mess merely because of these ridiculous charges. They charge me for being late even when I pay cash at the bank on the day then if that charge puts me over my limit they charge me again for being over when it's their fault. The idea is to claim it all back and once you have successfully got it all back make sure you are not late again or don't go over your limit then you shouldn't incur any more charges. But if you do then claim it back again. I notice they are all now seemingly changing to £12 charges which is th
  24. Hi I'm from Scotland ! I have just received a letter back from Capital One - they have agreed to refund me part of my claim to the "now" £12 charge. Am I still entitled to claim the rest back? I still don't agree with the £12 charge. My credit limit was reduced on this account and I could easily pay it all back in a short time and I want to close the account anyway so I will argue it back by sending them the second letter (before action). Has anyone else only received part back? Joan
  25. Hi This is great news ! I'm concerned as I'm having problems with MBNA Europe Bank. I can't find a link to that bank alone. I have a credit card with them which is at the limit and I'm claiming back charges. They have issued me with a letter saying I'm going against a contract. I am fighting back but am worried they close my account. Although I've told them I will close it myself when I pay it off but in the meantime I want my money back. I thought it may be against the law as it was in retaliation.
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