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  1. Hi again also write about the way she spoke asking to speak to your manager. It should be recorded as their phone calls are recorded. I don't know if you can ask for compensation for harassment but put an official complaint to their Head Office. There is no way they should do this to your place of work - it's harassment and could have got you into deep trouble at work. Let me know how you get on. Good luck.
  2. Hi the first thing you should do is write to them explaining you wish them to take your work no of your record - or if you can do this online on their website do that - you can even type in a number which is not your number (Ie a fake no). Write to the Head Office explaining you want your work no removed from your account and that they should never call you again at your work. Ask them in future to put everything in writing and not to phone you at all. If you put this in writing and send it recorded delivery then you have proof and it's legally binding. If you are behind with your payment
  3. Has anyone noticed on their egg accounts how many clerical errors there are ? I have checked my egg statements for the last year and they all have errors on them - higher interest, etc which when carried forward make clerical errors. I have noticed an error of nearly £100 on my account for the year. I have written to Egg asking them to send me statements so I can get a qualified accountant to check them. They can't count! It may be that you have this on your account and haven't noticed - check carefully - it may be their incorrect arithmetic has caused you to go over and be charged
  4. WELL DONE I won too - they paid direct into my bank account - no letter ! Really rude and unprofessional but heh that means there are no conditions. I would have turned up at court if I hadn't checked my bank account. So advice to everyone - check your accounts daily if you are due to go to court. J:cool:
  5. Hi If they have actually paid the money into your account I don't think they can take it back. I doubt very much that they will. They know they will have to pay it all back in the end and they are just chancing their luck that you will settle for that amount. So claim for the rest with the 8% on that part only. If they take the money back - (the won't) then you can write to the court afterwards and tell them. Or alternatively transfer the money into another bank account. If they try to take it back it won't be there for them to take back ! They have to get your authorisat
  6. Hi When I claimed against Capital One they paid part back which I accepted but I did it as such "thank you for your part offer, regretably this is unacceptable and I await full reimbursement". They shouldn't deduct the money back of your account but as the other person says don't spend it just in case. Have they given you a run down of what they are crediting back to your account ? Ie does it tell you exactly which charges they are reimbursing you for? If not my advice would be to deduct the amount they have given you back and charge them interest on the earliest charges that means y
  7. Hi It was for £1,275.00 - got the lot and it's gone towards a new car - my last car was on it's last legs had done 170000 miles and was leaking water through the sun roof so had to get a newer one. So all the charges I have claimed back from all the banks amount to about £3.5k which has paid for my car. Plus £50 donation to this site going in sometime in the next couple of days. Good luck to everyone. If anyone needs any advice/motivation get in touch - I will keep registered to this site and help out in any way I can. I will even register as a buddy if anyone gets to court !
  8. Hi I can't remember how long it has taken - must be about 4 months now ! I didn't have the money to pay for the court fee and as I was claiming from about 6 different places I took longer than others to claim. From date of taking to court it may be 2 months. It was due in court on the 4th and the money was credited to my account yesterday. So for those due in court on the 8th check your bank accounts and hopefully the money will be in before then. They left it to the last minute for me. I need to fax a letter to the court tomorrow so they get it Tuesday when they reopen to can
  9. WON unconditionally. Was due to go to court on 4th January. Checked my bank account today and they have refunded. I need to check that they have refunded full amount but it looks like it. Keep up the good work everyone. I have won all my cases - will be donating £50 to this site shortly. J:D
  10. Hi We settled the day before court but it went to court anyway. The person at the RBS spoke on my behalf stating that it was settled and they agreed to pay up all money plus interest. Are you claiming from them? Joan
  11. Has anyone won yet against Egg - there seems to be a lot of people claiming but I haven't found anyone on the site yet who has been to court and won! I've just sent my allocation questionnaire off (yesterday). Waiting to hear about a court date. Joan
  12. Bonus Pots !!!!!! How many people get bonus pots - it's taking money from those who don't have it - don't be sucked in by that. Bonus should be for hard work - not for taking money from the vulnerable to line the pockets of the rich ! J
  13. Hi I dealt with their solicitor in the end and I emailed her to say that "my brother-in-law is an ex bank manager and was somewhat surprised that the RBS were willing to go to court for £20.11. I was writing to her on his advice to see if the matter could be resolved before getting to court and it was only on his advice that I was doing so". I also said that I have a friend who writes for a paper and he would only be too happy to take a story but it wasn't my intention to do so. I also told them thought that I would not sign any agreement saying I would stay quiet. They settled !
  14. Hi I won ! They basically settled the day before however it went to court and the person from the bank spoke on my behalf saying they'd agreed to settle. They were given two weeks to pay which they did and the case is now closed. Won so far RBS - paid in full with interest Capital One - paid in full with interest Halifax - paid in full with interest MBNA - paid in full with before going to court Waiting for Monument - taking to court - filed forms this morning Lloyds TSB - taking to court - filed forms this morning Egg - they offered part back - I declined - g
  15. Hi again Let me know when your date for court is. Maybe a group of people should get together and go to court together as support - is that allowed? J
  16. Just writing back to Egg to ask them to put the money in my account they have offered which includes the court fee but I also said to them that I do not accept this as full and final payment and I will take the matter to court for the rest and they must refund me in full by Tuesday 24th at 12 noon at the latest or it goes to court. In their offer letter they offered to keep my account open if I agree ! Well I told them I couldn't care one way or the other - I don't need it and have plenty credit elsewhere. Their stance is that "they won on a case which went to court" well I said th
  17. Hi Thanks Do you know how I save it to a DVD or other form so I can take it to the bank? I'm a bit dim with these new technologies. J
  18. Hi Does anyone have the Peter McNamara recording that I can get a copy of for court please. Would appreciate help as I'm preparing the document for court and need to post it today so would like to put on it I will be in possession of this tape/recording. Thanks Joan
  19. Hi I have a friend who worked for a bank (not as a banker but in computing) - he told me that he believes the banks are intending paying back the money if you claim because they don't want to go to court - they just wait until the latest time possible to give us back "OUR" money so that they can gain as much interest as possible! I wonder are they making more than 8% annually on "OUR" money ! So if they take you to court the chances are at the last minute they will give us "OUR" money back. Or just before going to court before they incur other costs. It is the same as them k
  20. Of course what I also meant to say that the part offer was also saying they would keep the account open ! So they're obviously threatening to close if I go for the whole lot. To be honest I'm not bothered if they close it as I hardly owe them anything now and have other credit. J
  21. Hi everyone Has anyone had a defence filed against Egg then they offer part back ? Well I have - received notification on line that Egg are defending just on Thursday. Then got home yesterday to letter from them offering part back £4 on every £20 claim ! Well they obviously know they are beaten. Going to ask them to credit with the amount they offer and that I'm going to court for rest. They are agreeing with OFT but they seem to think the maximum is £16. Well my argument is that is OFT's maximum but they still have to prove that it actually costs that price. I'm gobsma
  22. Hi I claimed back 6 years in Scotland and England. Does RBS have a branch in England? If so you should be able to claim through that system. I think realistically you could claim back more than 6 years if you have the statements - it's only that the banks only keep records for that length of time so if you are asking them for the statements that's all they will give you. Plus there is something about the sale of goods act and it changed in 1986 I think so anything before that wouldn't be successful I think because of the different policies. J
  23. Hi everyone Well I've won with Capital One. So far Capital One paid in full Monument paid in full Halifax paid in full
  24. Hi I'm going to court tomorrow re RBS for approx £200 ! Just preparing my case - does anyone have the cd of the report by McNamara ? Joan
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