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  1. hi, 3 weeks ago i emailed A&L forms claiming hardship, mainly because my home will be repossessed in near future due to falling behind with secured loan, this happened when A&L suspended my account earlier this year, i had court date last year to reclaim £3000 in charges but due to test case it was put on hold. I emailed A&L via online banking with all relevant forms ie. income and expenditure and they replied saying they had recieved them and would be passed onto specialist team, they have now sent me the same forms through the post to be completed and asked for 3 months proof of earnings. because possession date is nearing i do not have time to wait for them processing application again, and even if they offered half it would pay off arrears i owe. is there any way i can get A&L to process the forms i have already emailed to them and give me a more speedy response. Thanks
  2. im very confused now, ive recieved a letter from A&L today saying " thank you for clearing overdrawn amount" ( which was £80 of charges they put on account) We have now closed your account" . They told me yesterday they were opening it again so i have rang all relevant people to set up DD,s again. dont know where to start with complaining to them, im really confused myself now.
  3. i also forgot to say that when i spoke with A&L earlier i was told that a direct debit had been paid yesterday, even though i have letter stating all direct debits were cancelled on 19th march, so now this has been payed twice as i had to get my partner to use debit card yesterday. if my account was closed yesterday how could they have paid a direct debit.?
  4. after being on hold for 35 mins to credit control i have managed to speak with someone at A&L, i asked them when my wage would be returned to my employer so i could have it paid into different bank account, she told me that my account was in credit now and they could reopen it. she said it was only closed yesterday( even though my wage went in on friday gone, they cancelled all my DD,s and sent letters to these companies, and i have letter dated 19th march saying account now closed) im furious that they have had my wages in there since friday but i have been unable to access any money, and ive taken time off work to sort out finances with the direct debits they cancelled and sort new bank account. When were they gonna tell me that they were holding my wages there? I cant believe the inconvenience this has caused. ive had to say yes to them opening my account back up as i need to pay important bills. to add insult to injury they have said i wont be able to withdraw any monies until tomorrow, to give them time to activate my account, my account has been in credit for over a week but ive not been able to access this, they sent me a letter saying i tried to withdraw money or use my card it would constitute theft, is that not what they have just done by holding monies belonging to me?
  5. does anyone know of a contact number for A&L that doesnt require account details to speak to customer advisor, they closed my account last week, my employer had already processed my wages and they were sent to A&L, as yet these have not been returned so i can have them paid elsewhere. spoke with wages dept this morning who said they should have returned them by now and to get in touch with A&L, but cant get throught to them, the incompetence of A&L has now caused me to fall behind with things like my mortgage and car finance, and many other payments i make each month, which no doubt will incur charges from all these companies too. any advice please?
  6. thanks for that, looking at terms & conditions now regarding making complaint, it says to write or telephone them, i have emailed them as i cant get through on telephone banking due to them closing account, although i havent actually put in email that its a "complaint " i have told them how angry i am and have asked for answers. do you think i should resend the email with "complaint" in subject line, also when ive looked at terms and conditions it says they may close account if evidence of fraud or serious misuse, i have not done any of these, i only went overdrawn because they put charges on which took me overdrawn.
  7. ok, thanks, gonna email them now, see if i get a reply.
  8. ive just realised that i can still email them through internet banking, although it doesnt show any details about my account, just says unavailable, but i can send them a secure message via email, any suggestions on what to say to them.
  9. thanks for that, just been online to apply to open a new account, im angry that things like my mortgage will probably be paid late due to A&L doing this because my employer will now have to set up new details for my wages which will probably take a while. its more frustrating that i cant speak to customer services, even though there is a contact number on letter to discuss this issue with them.
  10. A&L have closed my account due to me being overdrawn because of £80 unauthorised overfraft they charged me this month. recieved letter 22 feb letting me know of charges and to pay in full or get in touch, i contacted them and informed them my wages would clear this at end of month, which it did. another £88 charges this month and letter on 19 march stating account closed and all direct debit cancelled, been with this bank for over ten years and last year started claim for the £5000 they have taken in charges. as i have no other account as yet and wages due to go in A&L account at end of month i could do with some advice on what to do. i have tried to contact A&L but cant get through as they say phone pin not valid. also child benefit has been paid into it recently which will have put acc into credit but cant use cashcard to take it out as letter states i will be committing criminal offence under theft act if i try to make any further transactions.
  11. sgar


    im due in court next week,court bundles have been sent, but ive received a letter from wragge and co today saying they have obtained a stay in respect of my case until 31 oct 2008, what do i do now?? all advice welcome
  12. sgar


    just spoke with local county court, they said my case is going for a 10 minute hearing and i should hear of the date for this by tuesday. Has anyone else been in the same position and if so what should i be doing now.
  13. Is there a template letter that i can send to tell the bank that 8 weeks is too long but i am prepared to give them one last chance to pay before i start the court case?
  14. tonycee have you tried ringing the number i left earlier on in the post?
  15. I sent the letter to the court teling them i still want to carry on with my claim as it hadnt been paid to me. I still didnt hear anything by last week so i phoned the court to see what was going on and they told me there was nothing on their system to say that it had been paid or that i had sent a letter, the lady at the court couldn't really tell me much else. I still haven't heard anything else from the court and i'm starting to get worried that my claim is going to be thrown out as its been 45 days since i started my claim. Is there anything i should be doing?
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