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  1. hi im new to claiming PPI back. ive put a claim in for my bank charges last year and unfortunately my court case was the week after the court stayed all cases so im still waiting. Anyway i got a loan with HSBC in march 2003 the loan was for £15700 and the PPI was £3241.43. Total for both including interest was £23345.44. i am trying to claim the PPI back but i paid the loan off early can i still claim??? My mum got a loan out for me the year after and so i paid this loan off in full. WIll i still have paid the PPI if i settled it early?? please help!!!
  2. HSBC vs 7QZ49975(claim number) Absolute waste of time!!!Why could they have not told me on the phone?Instead I had to take a day off work only to be told all cases were being stayed at Liverpool court. We asked if we could object to the stay. the judge stated that unless we could prove our individual case was different to everybody elses it would be pointless. I approached the judge after the hearing informing her I had heard nothing from the bank or DG Solicitors at all in the way of defence information and that they had not kept to their side of things - She took my letter and added it
  3. thanks for replying Its not til 2pm so ill let you know how i go. Thanks for your advice i will let the judge know i havent received anything off them and hopefully he will go in my favour. Speak to ya later
  4. Im in court tomorrow afternoon. I received a letter off dg last week telling me they where applying for a stay. I rang court friday and yesterday and was told all cases where to be heard and to turn up as usual. I then remembered that i havent received any kind of bundle from dg. Shouldnt i have received this a couple of weeks ago? i sent a copy of mine to dg and to the court. Will i have to stand up and argue in court as i havent got a clue what to say. Please Help?????? Ill let you all know how it goes
  5. not sure but i thought i might take them with me tomorrow. Do you think i will need them? Just read the barclays case that has been won. A representative from barclays turned up and applied for a stay and the judge refused. She then tried to speak to each individual separately for 1 last try but then give up and they settled them all. Im just getting nervous and wondering what i need to take really.
  6. yes ill defo post my outcome. Good Luck to Me eh? FIngers crossed!!!
  7. hiya ive got a case iin liverpool county court tomorrow at 2pm. I received a letter off dg solicitors last week telling me they were applying for a stay and basically saying its not worth me going and they'll keep my complaint on file and let me know what happens after the test case. I then rang the court and was told all hearing would be going ahead. Not sure whether dg thought i would just not turn up? Ive just realised aswell i havent received a schedule/bundle from dg solicitors? I sent a small bundle in to dg and the court 21 days ago but didnt receive anything from th
  8. HI thanks for replying will i print this off and take it with me just incase?? Also i remembered today that i havent received any kind of court bundle/schedule off their solicitors? I sent a copy of mine 4 weeks ago to the solicitors and the court. I phoned the court today and said should i have received there schedule he said yes. I asked if they had sent anything into the court and he said as far as he could see there was nothing from the solicitors on file. Will this go better for me if they havent send there schedule/bundle in 21 days before the case?? thanks
  9. Hi i have my first court date wed 15th August 14:00pm. I send a small bundle approx 1 month ago with schedule of charges etc. This is only a preliminary hearing and the court have said that another hearing maybe necessary. I received a letter from DG solicitors last week saying they still believed there charges are lawful etc etc and they where applying to the court for a stay on my case pending this test case. I then phoned the court who have said my case will still be heard and there is no stay. Will the judge just tell me tomorrow that a decision cant be made until the ou
  10. thanks for your quick reply. I only had the business for about 2 years anyway so the last year would be the worst and was the reason i closed. What letter do i send? I am in the court stage process with HSBC on my current account claiming back just over 3000. I have a prelim hearing date of 15th august.
  11. Hi i had an business about 5 years ago but it failed and i closed everything. WOuld i be able to claim back charges off this account?? I do not know any account number or anything? Please help!!!
  12. Help Ive received a court date saying the judge has allocated my case down the small claims track. The date is 15th August at 2.00pm. It says i need to send in within 3 weeks a schedule of charges with dates and the reasons given for such charges. Is this my final court date?? Im just not sure??? Do i need the full court bundle?? What do i say for the reasons given for such charges?? Also i sent a nudge letter whilst waiting for my court date do i send the same nudge letter again or is it a different letter now the date has been set?? If anyone could help i would b
  13. No AQ, The claim was transferred from Northampton MCOL to Liverpool. I received a notice of transfer proceedings with the sentence 'note that the allocation questionairre should be returned to the Liverpool Court' crossed out then I was sent a Notice to pay fee letter 5 days later: Your claim was allocated to the small claims track on 6 june 2007. A fee of £100 was payable unless you had made an application for a fee exemption or remission. Neither have been received. If by 18 june you have not paid your claim will be automatically struck out without further order of the court and you w
  14. My claim has been transferred to Liverpool and I have been sent a letter stating that it was allocated to the small claims track and to pay a further £100. Can you tell me what I do next in terms of sending details to court & solicitors? What do I send exactly?
  15. Sent a copy by recorded delivery, and 3 emails with all documentation. Finally had a response and the claim is now being transferred to Liverpool County Court. I need to know a few things if anyone would like to advise? When should I resubmit my POC as the initial ones were too vague and how is this done?thanks
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