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  1. I'd like to ask the Court Manager a question ..... which will help in research into a case which appeared in my local paper (I'll try to find a link). What should bailiffs do if they arrive (to enfore eviction) and find the person clearly distressed - possibly through drink or drugs - but obviously not in a state of comprehension) ? A recent case saw a woman evicted - and she tried to comit suicide later that day and was detained by the police (under the Mental Health Act).
  2. Remember the "shareholders" would have put-up their cash at first (just like buying shares) and if they wanted to sell them they would have to find a buyer. If the MC got the message that people were being "put off" from buying cheap properties then they may not repossess as many (as getting a bit of cash from the existing person would be better than having an empty house, and no income at all). It would be slow to start with - just as banks took little notice of the first few who claimed back bank charges - but when that became a flood .... ? Its just an initial thought. Like you say these are strange times and you have to "think outside the box". I think the message board (on the site) could generate other ideas that we can try out too.
  3. Hi Andy We are still looking at options but she now has no income, so I don't really see how the Court could let her keep the house. The company would be no different from any other company - shareholders will be able to sell and buy shares within the group when it suited them. Regarding putting off potential buyers - I think it would only be neighbourly to "check" who was visiting the property, don't you? When you discover its a potential buyer they can be made to realise that the previous occupant was well liked etc? I think there are "ways" to get the message across ! Sorry to hear that some of your friends have not worked things out - maybe they would have done better if they had NOT kept things to themselves? With the explosion of debt about to hit Britain - something I have been warning of for some time - everyone will be in the same boat. As for the website - you may be right ... but there are plenty who come on here and discuss their debts / bailiffs / repos etc .... so why would people not also go to another self-help site?
  4. A friend and neighbour is facing repossession, and it looks as if she won't be able to save the situation. Some of us got together last night to discuss the situation and see what we could do ... one possibility under serious discussion is that we - (as a community) set-up a company and buy the house ourselves and rent it back to her. Whilest brain-storming we came up with quite a few very constructive ideas. One was that while the house is empty we all tend the garden - as a tidy garden will benefit us all. (What is the new owner to do? Complain to the police that we have cut the lawns and tidyied the borders LOL ?) Another idea was that if we see anyone viewing the property we pop round and make sure they are fully aware that they will NOT be welcome ! (None of us will be too pleased if a similar neighbouring house is bought at a knock down price when others are struggling to pay their bills). We also think its important that the message gets across that if people repossess - they will have difficulty disposing of the property. We're also thinking of launching a website to collate ideas and encourage others. If anyone has any other suggestions please list them here, or let me know if you'd like more info when the website is launched.
  5. Agree - it sounds like debt collectors - who actually have no powers at all !
  6. What happens when people are given to much power and become complacent about it. Drug police smash their way into WRONG HOUSE ! Drug Raid Police Smash Their Way Into Wrong House |Sky News|UK News
  7. Might be worth sending a copy of the Judgement (when you get it) to the local police - didn;t they "turn a blind eye" when you complained ? Congratulations BTW !
  8. Yes, they do - but as we have seen from the recent expenses claims scandel, in many cases WE are paying THEIR mortgages for them (and in some cases their TV licence and Council Tax too !)
  9. Half (AT LEAST !) of the people who work for Councils don't know what they are talking about. They have even less understanding of bailiff law that the bailiffs themselves do ! You have only had 2 visits - and therefor only owe 2 "visit" fees (as you have stated. They have tried to add other charges which are illegal. If they persist challenge them in Court (with a Form 4 complaint) - and they will back down immediately. ALWAYS deal with people - bailiffs and Council - ONLY in writing (so you have some evidence of the ridiculous things they say).
  10. It may not do you any good - but it could benefit anyone else that this particular bailiff comes into contact with in the future. Every time they get away with it - encourages them to do it more !
  11. Apparently her protest is more to do with the state of her environment - she claims that she is not getting a "service" from the Council.
  12. Note - it is the "willful refusal" to pay that got her jailed. Being unable to pay would have kept her out of prison. BBC NEWS | England | Derbyshire | Council tax rebel is jailed again
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