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  1. Hi I've filed N1 claim due to Halifax's failure to supply my statements from my DPA request. I received a response from the county court today stating that Halifax have files their response of their intention to defend the claim (???!!) so they now have until 30th July to file their defence. How can they possibly defend a claim against them for failure to supply my statements?? Why can't they just send them to me?? Can anyone shed any light on what they are playing at please? Has anyone come across this with Halifax yet? Many thanks
  2. Thanks for the reply Buzby, much appreciated. I have finally had a reply from Vodafone stating that they are not obliged to send out defauult notices but they are '...required, by guidance from the Information Commissioner, to ensure that proper notice of an intention to record default information for non-payment is given....my colleague in his letter...set out the occasions on which Vodafone Limited attempted to contact you about this matter.' The entries read... Telephoned 11.11.05 - no response Account cancelled for non-payment 11.12.05 Letter sent 15.01.06 advising potential default ref DL2 No response to above letter, account sent to external collection agency 25.01.06 Default recorded Date default was recorded: 02/02/06 'We will therefor not be asking for this default to be removed from your credit reference record...our records also show that there is a balance of £171.29 remaining unpaid' Is there anything further I can do to resolve this matter and get the defalt removed? Any advice would be most appreciated.
  3. Hi I'm filing court papers requesting an order under the DPA to get Vodafone to send me statements, a copy of the original default letter and the deed of assignment (if any). They have filed a default against me but I know nothing about this account and hae been refusing to supply any info and making various excuses since March. As well as asking for an order under the DPA on the N1 form what do I put to ask for default notice and deed of assignment? And is it possible to request that they make them remove the default if they don't provide any of this data? Please can anyone help so I can get this sent of to the robbers? Thanks in anticipation
  4. What do I do if Halifax send my statements AFTER being served with the court papers.....how can I get the court fee and costs back if they have provided the info? Thanks
  5. Thanks Hedgey06, that's crystal clear. Many thanks for the help!
  6. I'll get that ready now then! What do I do if they send a partial offer in the meantime? Do I go ahead and file my claim anyway or follow another procedure? Thanks again
  7. I have but on the complaints form it states, '...I understand that you have no powers to punish an organisation for any likely breach of the Act and that you cannot award compensation'. What is the point of complaining to them if they can't do anything about it though?
  8. Yes, done that - twice but they still failed to provide. Filed a court claim for them to order Halifax to comply and provide the data and requesting my £30 court fee back and £50 costs. Halifax have until 6th July to either respond or file a defence. Do you know what will happen next - are they likely to file a defence or send me the info? Thanks
  9. Right! I have filed my claim with the court and Halifax have until 6th July to respond. Please could you advise what I should do next? Many thanks
  10. Hi I sent the prelim letter to Natwest and they replied with their standard 'it will take 6/7 weeks for us to look into your query...'. I then issued the LBA letter 14 days from the prelim on 16th June. Please could you tell me what I need to do next and also what my timescales are?? Many thanks
  11. Hi How would I go about taking legal action to get the default removed if they don't supply the info? Thanks
  12. Good point. Many thanks both. Preparing the LBA now for posting on Friday. Assuming I get the charges back from them eventually, are they allowed to pay it into my account to clear the overdraft or do they have to send me a cheque? Thanks again
  13. Hi I've had a response to my claim from Natwest stating that they are 'considering my claim and given the work involved in assessing the claim they anticipate they will be in a position to respond within 6-7 weeks'. Please could you advise whether I wait for their reply or go ahead and issue the LBA after 14 days which is due on Friday? Many thanks
  14. Hi Well MBNA have supplied the original agreement signed by me. However, I had a letter from them today to 'clarify the situation from their perspective...' regarding default fees. After 2 pages of excuses they finally state that as a gesture of goodwill they have credited my account with £130 to be deducted from my outstanding balance.....this is a surprise seeing as they have pre-emted my claim as I have not send them a claim for my charges yet!! My claim will be for approx. £400. Please could you advise as to what I should do next seeing as they have credited my account already? Many thanks
  15. Thanks Buzby. It ws Vodafone themselves who supplied the info and stated they would not remove the default using that info as their reasons for non-removal. How do I go about taking it further with them as no DCA is involved and they seem adamant not to play ball? Thanks again
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