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  1. will be showing all your replies to the wife later, will let you know her response!!
  2. brilliant advice. if it went to court could they award costs as well as the fine?
  3. hi Seq getting pressure from my wife to pay up and go quietly. She is convinced we will end up with CCJs against our name, debt collectors knocking on the door, credit record being affected. Thw worst case scenario as far as I can imagine is me in a small claims court losing and being forced to pay the original fine, with no costs - is this correct?
  4. hi forumites parked on Aldi for 2 1/2 hours and got a PCN from Parking Eye for £80, £40 if I PAY NOW. I am not going to enter into any correspondence with them about the matter and I am not going to pay. Where do I STAND LEGALLY? My defense would be that the parking charge is disproportionate to any actual loss to Aldi. Can anyone put my mind at ease that I am doing the right and proper action. thanks for reading
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