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  1. thanks for the great advice dx will get onto it tonight, i felt under pressure as i was been harassed to breaking point by the tooth fairy\NDR\marshall hoares idiots and clark richards said they would stop if i became one of theier customers... ..in hindsight the £30 a month ive been paying to them and the original £70 start up fee, would have irionically paid off two of my debts !!!
  2. hi, i was harassed for months by these people but took comfort from people giving excellent advice on here, i ended up on a dmp and they kept harassing me till i upped my payments. i am now close to the original £400 loan being paid off and no where near the £2990 that they want !!! i just wanted to know how i would calculate a months interest before i tell them where to shove it and take me to court...many thanks
  3. hi, i have been a customer of clark richards for about a year and although i have had no problems i have been working out my debts by emailing my debtors and have found that they quoted me a starting figure of my debts at £9,000 when in fact it is only £4,200. two of the debts have been repayed but im still paying for the so called "Monthly charges" and interest. what i want to know is how i would go about cancelling my plan with clark richards and how would i go about dealing with the companies owed money without being barraged with phone calls and letters by them, especially Northern debt recovery and their group of **** , and how easy is it to negoiate a deal if the original loan is already been paid back... any help would be great, thanks
  4. thanks for that guys, but the contract has already been cancelled and they have a debt agency hounding me DLC which I have read about on another thread.
  5. Hi I need help, opened an orange account in August 2005 with the promise of a free football shirt, despite numerous phone calls and emails eventually in September 2006 they emailed me to say they couldn't get the shirts anymore and I could have a £50 airtime credit, this I agreed to but for three more months they wouldn't credit it and so after more phone calls I cancelled my direct debit and refused to pay unless they produced the shirt or the credit, they then denied that the person that sent the email worked for them even though I sent them copies and eventually they called in dlc to recover the debt which I am refusing to do after reding some of the threads on here and sending off my letters to them. Can anyone advise how I can go after Orange as they seem to not listen to reason or answer letters or emails and seem to be advertising goods that they cannot supply, any help would be great as this is driving me round the bend thanks
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