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  1. Yes, of course I'm happy to post further details. Just tell me what you need. Thank you.
  2. It's a private debt. Apparently if you don't attend an oral exam hearing the court has the power to send you to prison. He's missed one oral exam hearing and a suspended committal order was made, presumably to encourage him to attend the new hearing. He agreed an instalment plan to avoid having to go to the hearing but he's now in arrears and a new hearing date has been requested. Presumably if he doesn't attend this new oral exam hearing, the committal order, currently suspended, will become live?
  3. Yes, an instalment order. He paid one monthly payment but that was all. The creditor requested an oral exam hearing. He got scared and didn't turn up. The court made a suspended committal order. He's now in arrears on the monthly payments and the creditor has made an application for a further oral exam hearing and the committal to become live if he doesn't show. Presumably the only way to avoid going to court is to try to find the money to repay the ccj, but he doesn't have any funds...
  4. A friend of mine (not me but a close friend) is considering a debt management plan to help with his debt problems. From reading I see debts are prioritised but what happens to those debts which are not priority but where there is a ccj already in place and where he hasn't kept to the agreed payments? If this isn't the right forum, perhaps you could report for me. Thanks.
  5. Not sure whether this the right board (perhaps someone will redirect if not) I've been making payments in accordance with the terms of a court order and the debt will be cleared in 13 years. The (new) DCA says my arrangement is due for review and wants me to complete income and expenditure together with an outline of my circumstances and where I expect to be in 12 months! Should I do this? I thought once a court order had been set only the court could vary it and then only if one side made a suitable application. I recall the CCCS telling me that as an unsecured debt the DCA wasn't entitled to such info as they are now requesting. Is that correct? What should I do? Thanks
  6. thank you. under "address links" it states 1. from...(my current address and where I have lived, exclusively since 1994)...most recent source of link:orange last confirmation date 5/05/2009 2. To .....my ex girlfriend's address....earliest confirmationm date 05/05/2009. there isnt any financial association declared with my ex gf. Can I have this linked address removed and if so, how? Thanks
  7. so, should I add a note on my credit file stating that ive lived at my current address, unbroken, since 1994 and have never lived at the linked address, nor have I appeared on the voters roll.
  8. ah, thats a possibility, but it was over 5 years ago. I vaguely recall that she couldnt get credit so i opened an account, all the bills were sent to her but with possibly in my name. But I never lived at the property. Does this mean im stuck, forever and a day, with this entry on my credit file???
  9. im not sure whether this is the correct forum but no doubt someone will be kind enough to move my post if necessary. Ive received a copy of my credit report and note a linked address dating back to 2008. I know of the address- it was that of a very short term girlfriend- but i never lived there, never obtained credit using the address and was never on the voters roll. Ive queried the entry with call credit and they tell me it was supplied by orange who are refusing to remove the entry. Given that i have lived at my existing address since 1994- and am on the voters roll throughout that time- how can I get this incorrect entry removed. Thanks
  10. ok, it looks as though im out of options, and luck. Also I cant afford my employer to see a CCJ against me so can someone tell me if i settle the claim either in full, or at such a figure as the claimant will accept and advise the court that the claim has been paid in full, will the ccj still appear and if the answer is "no" what should I do, what action should I take, to ensure the CCJ doesnt get registered. Thank you
  11. Andy, thanks. The defence may be found at post # 17. In addition, I queried the sum claimed as there was a discrepancy, albeit a small amount, between the statements provided. I did NOT defend on the basis of a CCA provided out of time as I was told this was not irrelevant. I tried to contact the solicitors for the claimant, by letter, without reply. I write to the Northampton court on 13th Nov suggesting that as the claimant had not responded to my attempts to make contact, nor had indicated a willingness to attend mediation, that their claim be struct out. The Northampton courts letter of 8 nov states the matter will be tfrd to my local court and that i would receive directions. Then i receive the judgment! I cannot afford to pay the full sum, which is stated in the order. At the very least can i make an application to the court to hear this matter so that I can agree an affordable monthly payment programme? any help would be much appreciated.
  12. also... letter of 8th November to all parties a defence has been filed. if the defendant is an individual the claim has been transferred to the court covering the area where the defendant lives....the case will be referred to a DJ and you will receive directions regarding allocation in approximately 10 working days........
  13. received 2nd class post today... order dated 21 november 2012 Before District Judge.. ..... uon reading the court file and upon it appearing to the court that the claim is adequately pleaded for the defendant to understand and he not denying the debt assigned to the claimant or that valid notice of assignment has been given and the defence not disclosing any reasonable grounds for defending the claim IT IS ORDERED without a hearing and to the court's initiative that 1. The defence is struck out pursuant to rule 3.2 94) of the civil procedure rules 1998. 2. judgment is entered for the claimant for ................ 3. As this order is made without notice ot the parties a party affected by it may apply within 7 days of service of it for the order to be varied or discharged. dated 15th November 2012. thank you for your help.
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