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  1. Thanks, do i just ignore or write and tell them to cancel the ticket?
  2. HI i received a PCN handed to me whilst sat in my car at the weekend, I hadnt cleared a taxi bay properly and was just over the line!! anyway upon inspecting the ticket I discovvered that the registraion number was incorrect, am i right in thinking this make that ticket invalid? The inspector did scan my tax disc so i know that info is correct? can someone please advise thanks
  3. Hi Can any one help or give me some advice, i am having probs with N power, my bills are over £3000 per year for my gas and electric, most spent on electric. I have asked them to check the meter so they told me they were sending an engineer and instead sent someone to read it!! Its an old style meter with the clocks so is difficult to read, the meter reader told me he was surprised we still had that meter as the type we have is from the 1960's!! and were phased out 10 yrs ago. He also agreed with me that the disc is going really fast. Basically i have a 3 bed semi, 2 ad and 1 child occupants out all day, only in after 6 on an evening and not loads during the weekend. We dont have electric heating or cooking, so is mainly tv, pc, fridge, freezer usual appliances. So can my bills possibly be this high? and is it possible my meter could be wrong? Please help I cant afford to keep paying £250 per month!!
  4. Thanks for advice, like i said 1 bill is in his name but it clearly shows on my banks statement that i pay it, also previous to this i had looked in to ways of buying him out of the property and have applications to prove this do you think this would be of any help proving my case? we also have seperate living arrangements ie he does all own cooking washing etc, even has his own seperate washing line, own cupboard in bathroom for towels and toiletries etc
  5. Hi I am claiming as a single parent and i have recieved a letter asking my to provide copies of bills and payslips bank statement, mortgage statement etc. I am happy to do this although i am concerned because the property in is joint names, I bought it approx 18mt with my childs father as niether of us could afford to buy seperate, its a large enough property to accomadate everyone and he lives completely seperate from me, he has the loft conversion however the main problems are that his wages have been paid in to my bank and then transferred to him as at the time this seemed a good system for sorting how to pay for things - looking at it now it seems foolish, also some of the bills are in his name too. Im really worried about how this looks? after reading lots on here and on the web i suspect they are going to say we are living as husband and wife, however there is no possibilty of a joint claim as we are not in a relationship and he would never agree to a joint claim or providing details. I am so worried any advice would be greatly apprieciated If they say we should of made a joint claim would they take me to court
  6. the loan was taken out approx 2005, but it was added to in i think june 2007. I need to get a breakdown from them as i have no idea about charges i wouldnt of thought so till recent cause i always met my payments
  7. I had taken out a loan with citi and have kept up repayments up until about 6 months ago when due to relationship breakdown I had a drop in income, I contacted citi and provided an income expenditure breakdown for them they said they would look at rewriting the loan so I paid them what i had proposed (just over half the origional payment) until i heard back from them. Tonight i have had a call saying they have declined to re write the loan and asked for income expenditure details again, as some things have changed ie mortgage and bills they now say i dont have enough income for outgoings and will default the account at the end of july!! I have paid a token amount and have still agreed to make my payment of the reduced amount in june, but when i asked what waould happen about the default i was told they would sell my debt on and the collection company would probably call at my home to see what they could take in place of the debt!!!! Is this true can they really do that?
  8. Thank you, have taken SOC in to the court as i guessed that part, how soon should I start the court bundle, I know it needs to be in 14days before court which is early nov, so should I start early oct? any help with the bundle would be greatly appreciated
  9. Sorry to start a new thread but havent had a response on my current thread!! please could someone have a quick look and give me a bit of help link to current thread below Cheers http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/first-direct/74965-gonnabeatu-fd-2.html#post1087549
  10. the order reads: The claimant shall by (14 days) file in the court and deliver to the defendant a schedule giving full particulars of each alleged charges made giving the date and amount of each, and in default the claim will be struck out. Upon compliance with the abouve order The claim is allocated to the Claim to the Small Claims Track to be heard at XXXXXXXXXX The following directions apply to this claim: 1) Each party shall deliver to every other party and the court office copies of all documents (including experts reports if the court has given permission for expert evidence to be used) on which he intends to rely at this hearing. 2) The copies shall be delivered no later than 14 days before the hearing. 3) The origional documents shall be brought to the hearing. 4) Signed statements setting out the evidence of all witness statements ( including expert witnesses if permission has been given to use them0 on whom each party intends to rely shall be prepared and copies included in the documents mentioned in paragraph 1. This includes the veidence of the parties themselves and of any other witnesses whether or not the witnesses are going to come to court to give evidence. 5) Any party seeking to rely upon legal argument or authority must make written submissions and produce authority relied upon both to the court and to the other party by at least 14 days before the hearing date. 6) The court must be informed immediately if the case is settled by agreement before the hearing date. HELP!!!!! I think the first part is that i need to take a SOC into the court and to DG, although they have both received these before, DG on a number of occasions, although im a bit concerned that they want these 14days from the order which is tomorrow and i only recieved this yesterday Please could someone help me
  11. Just received notification of my date for court, early nov. I have some orders to comply with but im not sure exactly what i need to do. I will post the order soon if anyone is able to help Thanks
  12. Spoke to Middlesbrough/ Teesside County Court today, no stays have been order there cases still going ahead
  13. As I understand it, if I win on the day they will be obliged to pay as I will have a judgement against them, its whether they settle before the court date that concerns me, will just have to wait and see, I kinda think that them making a slip up and not complying with orders would be the best thing so that I get a judgement by default. However on a positive note just had a judgement by default on my argos claim so another one down
  14. If its any consolation, I had submitted and paid for the AQ FD hadnt submitted theirs and were issued with an unless order by the judge, they complied with this at the last hour. Then comes the OFT case...... So I rang the court today who confirmed a date has been set for the case to be heard and as far as they are concerned it will be proceeding. hope this helps
  15. Just a bit of an update, Following the courts issuing an unless order, FD complied and submitted an AQ (still waiting for a copy!!), I was bit concerned about where it left me in view of OFT, so I contacted the court today who said that my case is going ahead, it has been put before the judge and a letter is in the post to me with a court date of Oct.
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