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  1. Hi - Settled 11th April £1780 of claim 1544.50 plus 299.51 interest 7th Feb - SAR 19th March - 1st re-claim letter 30th March - LBA (2 * 7 day looking into Fob-off letters recieved and 1 * 40 day Fob-off letters recieved)... remarkably painless....
  2. Personally would wait until time is up and then follow up with phone call to them and report the breach under the Data Protection Act to the Information Commissioner. From what I have read on the various threads though it is likely that you simply sit tight and the information will find its way to you.
  3. leave them a couple of days for posting, I didnt send mine registered and got the details a few days prior to the deadline being reached - also they wont cash the cheque - they dont charge for the service - they will just return it.
  4. thxs - will see how i get on - I was going to post out the 1sst reclaim letter to the local branch, presume that this is what most people are doing in the first instance...
  5. Hi, was in process of making a claim and found this site. Have received back the details on the last six years of charges applied by the co-op but stumbling up against identifying what i can claim from the list, it's rather oblique! The monthly premier a/c fees are readily identificable from the amount billed so can exclude them but concerned that within the fee/commission columns they have included OD arrangement fees and the suchlike which I am guessing are not re-claimable of themselves - anyone have a suggestion how to go about clarifying what is actually re-claimable from their list? ma
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