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  1. Nothing yet... the phone calls have eased off, the text messages haven't. No written response from them except logo printed envolopes containing default notices from one of them.
  2. Thanks, right I shall send off letters and see what happens. Thanks for the quick advice.
  3. Thanks Silverfox. Letter it is, it is very repetitive and "brick-wall". Could you define a short version for I&E? I have provided two figures, one for income and one for expenditure. Is this sufficient, if not what is? Cheers
  4. Hi, I ve been searching the forums and used the templates etc. Basically, I have 4 PDL and its spiralled out of control. I've taken ownership and contacted them to offer repayment based on available funds. I have provided them with income and outcome figures, then divided the rest based on percentage amount. Wonga are just ingnoring me and Im getting no where, so I itend to send a letter instead of email. MEM gave accepted and Ive made 1st payment. However, P2P / QQ are demanding I fill out a complete income and expense form. This is after two weeks of counter offers to extend my loan w
  5. Well, we had the meeting. Very amicable, very apologetic. He was very insistent that he would make a "Goodwill" payment, but wouldn't acknowledge the term compensation. He wouldnt provide a figure, so after 30 mins of tooing and frowing over the ins and outs of the day, I said that I would expect that a "Goodwill" payment should consist of at least a refund and a top-up of a least 1-2k and he should come back to us with a figure. Nothing is final or written, he stated that he would call us by the end of next week. He came across as very relived. We didn't offer an exact figure- just suggested
  6. Cheers, I've done that, also spoken to a solicitor over the phone and they stated it was a simple case of breach of contract; compensation and damages should be awarded. They followewitht the same advice of go and speak to them first and see what they have to offer. That's tomorrow, so we shall see
  7. We paid up in full prior to the wedding, we are sure that we want a refund, but how do you quantify a wedding reception in making a desicion that can be considered fair? I think that is what is the hardest thing we can't get our heads round. I can't seem to find anything that enables us to compare to, or do you think I am looking into it too deeply? The worst of it is the emotional side, especially as we can't "recreate" the day. :)Sid
  8. Just had a wedding and it went horribly wrong at the reception, everything we asked for was confirmed in writing but it turned out to be a disaster...:o The brides vegetarian meal, was supposed to be Nutroast but the waitress said the chef made a mistake and was served paxo stuffing with pine nuts, oh and the roast potatoes were cooked in meat fat. There were 4 other vegetarians served the same. The diabetic we invited was supposed to have fruit for desert, but was served chocolate cake. Also, the non-alcoholic presse for the toast never materialised for those that didn't want an alc
  9. Ok, I've left it and left it and nothing at all from Halifax; even after reminder letter. NOw I know I have to go to county court. I've read the read up but getting a little confused. Do I have the N1 because they havent provided me with the data on bank charges, or am I going all out reclaim the charges now - I havent the data on charges so i cant see this being the case ... so is this the right form and if so how do i quantify the value. I am going round in circles. I wish it was a easy as barclays - Ive just sent them the schedule of fees etc so have to wait and see with them.
  10. I have been phoning to - dont know whether it's becaue they are so busy or ineffective. Start looking at taking them to court I think - found the pages and what to do -its daunting but looks like fun! Just had Barclays back and it's total is £1200 so we'll see what they have been charging cause I KNOW THEY ARE WORSE!
  11. Ok found the pages - but surley they are takinh the mick at this length of time
  12. Hi first post and straight in. I ve sent of Data request to Barclays and recieved it and just sent off my prelim. My Problem is that the Halifax are ignoring my data request. I recieved a letter after 40 days saying its on it ways, coupla days later no dsign- so I sent another template letter 7 days notice, they responded with a duplicate letter from thed orignal 40 day request. I have made a complaint to the ICO electronically but what next? I have done a search but cant find anything - just going cross eyed. Some advice would be appreciated. Cheers Sid
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