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  1. Any entries made by nursing staff in patients notes/records are considered legal documents.All entries must include date and time entry was made,note must be signed twice ie signature of nurse and also name printed,and notes must be legible.Any barrister would pull nursing staff apart for shoddy documentation.Also the NMC take a very dim view of poor record keeping.Your Father should have been assessed by a consultant specialising in psychiatry of old age (geriatrician) for specialist nursing intervention/care/treatment while he was an in patient in the medical ward.I am really susprised and indeed shocked that this was'nt done. Whizzy
  2. Bigdess


    In those days this was the norm,some of the things I have seen down through the yrs dosn't bear thinking about.In those days it was turn the other cheek or else.Certain sections of management behaved in a really disgraceful manner.If that nurse was working in the wards today he wouldn't last one week.I am now working in a dementia assessment unit, and very happy,I prefer to work with female staff because I get on much better with them,they make you feel part of a team and the crac is pretty good.I love to see my patients smile and laugh and enjoy making them laugh Hunter Patch Adams style (Clown Nursing) Bigdess
  3. Bigdess


    It concerns a individual who was physically aggressive towards a patient,this incident happened long before the UKKC (NMC) came into being.This person was protected by certain senior nurse managers because they felt he was one of the boys.This person has become CSM and used his bullying tactics to climb to the top,the post was never advertised.The patient concerned had to receive three sutures above his (L) eye following a punch he received from this person,at the time the person was ward manager.Many more spring to mind Bullying those nurses who worked on his ward (verbal aggression) Encouraging stds when leaving his ward to buy alcohol. F-----g consultants off during ward rds and while they were on his ward. Being involved in a ward manager click so that one would protect the other. Consuming alcohol while on duty,ie xmas parties I could go on forever,I just happened to be speaking with my colleagues over coffee at change of shift.We were talking about some of the patients we nursed in the past and the colourful personalities we encountered along the way.And in the course of the conversation this particular individual sprung to mind.Hence the question. Bigdess
  4. Bigdess


    Has any nurse ever witnessed management protecting another nurse following an aggressive incident on a patient.Applies to psychiatry. Bigdess
  5. From experience its unusal for the financial assessment to be completed in the residential setting.The financial assessment is normally completed prior to discharge,or during the assessment process.Be sure that the nursing care plan/nursing notes are included in your Fathers health care records.Was your Father sectioned/detained under the Mental Health act while in the secure unit,you need to find this out. Bigdess
  6. What was the length of your Fathers assessment period when in hospital.Assessment meaning physical needs/mental health.What treatment was your Father receiving for his viscular dementia.Do the panel base their decision on your Fathers needs,do they refer to the nusing assessment. Whizzy
  7. What was the length of your Fathers assessment period when first admitted to hospital.Your father should have a primary nurse who should be able to explain treatment,nursing care and future management/nursing care.The assessment period is normally six weeks and is an ongoing process the primary nurse should be able to keep you informed and should be able to discuss/answer some of your questions/concerns.Your best approach is to demand a family meeting with all those individuals who are involved with your Fathers care.Also I note that your Father was in a secure unit,was he detained under the Mental Act.If so how often was he seen by the consultant.I am unsure about the Mental Health act in England,I am from N Ireland so would be more up to speed with The Mental Health Order (NI) 1986.One more question,has the care manager asked you to complete a financel assessment,this is done in order to determine if your Father is self funding. Whizzy
  8. Game set and match,money lodged into my account this morning £1,505.Happy days,Capital one here I come. Bigdess
  9. Already done this several times no reply,finished up ringing my local branch who contacted me yesterday stating they would refund the £14 the girl explained to me that if it happened again she would not refund and this should be considered a one off.She also said she would change the account to First Plus.Checked this account out,if you remain in credit no charges,the catch is no £100 overdraft.I think I will stick with the account I have because that £100 comes in handy towards the end of the month. Bigdess
  10. Just checked my account this morning and have noted that good old FT have taken a referral charge for £14.00 for going just £4.73 into the red.B------s.:mad::mad: Bigdess
  11. Came across this article in the Daily Mail this morning.Thought it might be of interest. Banks using 112 'sneaky' charges to recoup lost fees | the Daily Mail Bigdess
  12. Just received a phone call from First Trust this afternoon,due to the high number of complaints/claims that the bank are dealing with they cannot guarantee that the £1,505 will be in are account for at least a further 6wks at the latest.The department that deals with this is only working 3pm-4pm Monday to Friday.Also received an e mail from FOS "It is endeavouring to process these payments within the four weeks, however in some cases it will be after the four weeks but within the six weeks that we had indicated to customers that it may take." I think I have exhausted all avenues and to be honest I am fed up with the whole thing.Just have to sit this one out. :mad::mad: Bigdess
  13. I am going to continue to send her e mails, sent one of this morning so she has had one e mail each day from the 15.08.07.I am enjoying every minute of this.Explained to the guy I spoke to the morning that an automated transfer isn't rocket sicence.Also told him it didn't take 6-8wks for the charges to be deducted from are account in the first place.To be honest I am bored after returning from hoildays and just looking to annoy someone,what better people than FT LOL :D:D:D:D Bigdess
  14. Received letter from Lorraine Whitsitt this morning she is not a happy camper.She informed me that FT received my acceptance from the FOS on 15.08.07,then proceeds to tell me that they have six weeks to make the payment.I have explained that the payment to be made is a simple automated transfere and shouldn't take six weeks since we have an account with FT.Contacted them this morning and was informed that their office is only open from 3pm-4pm.They don't appear to be customer friendly. Bigdess
  15. E mailed Lorraine Whitsitt yesterday with no result Bigdess
  16. Your third point makes interesting reading,are accountant was adament that because the land was joint owned then we would be liable for income tax.At the time I questioned this and made the point that the money received from the land went into my Fathers bank account,when we receive the tax bill from HMRC via the accountant we have to take the funds from Dads bank account.To be honest I don't fully understand.Total amount payable each year is £740 each and is worked out on are earnings from are own jobs.The accountant states that the amount earned from the land is classed as unearned income even though we don't receive any income from the land. Should I contact HMRC and explain the situation to them. Bigdess
  17. Hi This morning I have taken some time out from my ongoing battle with First Trust and have been looking at my wifes capital one statements,I note that they are charging interest of £20.30 total amount paid per month is £29.00 total amount outstanding is £1,250.00.(this interest charge is applied monthly) The account went into the red 2003.With interest to date the total amount paid into the account has been £298.59.which brought the account back to the agreed credit limit (£1,250.00) Now this does not include the charges applied to the account when it initially went into the red. 1/ What can be claimed from Capital One re charges and interest. 2/ Does the current test case with the OFT and major Banks in the UK have a bearing on claiming back credit card charges. Bigdess
  18. I am not annoyed that a valuable assest was placed in my hands in fact the complete opposite.What does annoy me is the fact that no consideration or thought was put into changing the ownership.It wasn't discussed by the parties concerned my argument is, the problem of the house should have been solved at the time the ownership came into my hands and my Brothers meaning agreement could have been reached at that time. The money from the land letting goes into my Fathers account in his own bank dispite the fact myself and Brother are the sole owners.At present he is 90 and is of the opinion that this matter should be solved ! Your correct in saying the object of the exercise was to avoid inhertance tax.Both of us were advised by are accountant that we would be liable for tax.In the end my brother finished up paying more than me because he refused to do anything about it for five yrs so therefore received a bigger bill than me.what he failed to understand was the money from the land letting was unearned income,this was also explaned by the accountant.Could I have my share of the property signed over to my wife who is earning less than me or would this complicate matters further. Bigdess
  19. Hi I don't know if anyone can help with this.In year 2000 my Mother died she had a quater share in the home place her share amounted to 25 acres.(total land 100 acres) Following her death my Brother and Father approached are solicitor with the view that house and land should have separate deeds (House and land were all one deed).This was never discussed with myself or my wife and when I asked my Father what was going to be done he wouldn't tell me.My Brother did but in a round about fashion.The current situation is house seperate deed in my name and my brothers name.Land seperate deed in my name and my Brothers name.My Fathers name and my Mothers name were both removed from the deeds.Following the removal of my Fathers name we have now become liable for income tax,total amount every year £1,400 this is following land letting which is paid end of every October.The house has been unoccupied for last two yrs and has been broken into on numerious occasions (burgler alarm had to be installed).My father who is 90 now lives with me.I now wish to sale my share of the property because I feel that the current situation is only going to get worse ie the house is going to fall into a state of disrepair.I have discussed this with my Brother and feel that we should try and resolve this matter once and for all.He was of the opinion that I wanted the house and after I mentioned putting it up for sale his first reply was we would have to pay 40% of the sale to the inland revenue.He has suggested that who ever takes the house then one or the other forgo a percentage of his share of the land.(the land is restricted to developent so therefore no planing permission would be granted) Total for land letting every yr £5,810.How can I force my Brother and his wife to discuss this with myself and my wife.Forgot to mention if anything happens to me then my share goes to my wife,same position with my Brother. Bigdess
  20. I don't think I will be forking out for solicitor and or barrister.And yes I know that members of the legal profession will like any other business use their powers of persuasion to get your money.In saying that this solicitor handled a case a number of yrs ago for the family and made a total and utter balls of it. Bigdess
  21. I have just looked at internet in relation to above and have found that the correct wording would be "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northen Ireland" I still can't fully understand what this solicitor is talking about,to be honest I think he is clutching at straws.I wonder how The Goons might have approached this if they were claiming back bank charges. Bigdess
  22. Spoke with a solicitor yesterday,showed him the letter received from First Trust, he pointed out "OFT against a number of the major Banks in Great Britain." He pointed out that N Ireland is not part of Great Britain,Great Britain meaning England,Scotland and Wales.He explained that N Ireland is part of the UK,he went on to say that any good barrister could successfully argue this point in court and would most likely win.The point he was trying to make was the wording in the letter,he explained that the correct wording should read "OFT against a number of the major Banks in The UK.He said that if I needed anymore help he would start to look up The Magan Carta to see what he could find and also EC laws pretaining to Banking. Bigdess
  23. Have accepted £1,505 from First Trust via FOA this was prior to the OFT case.It would appear that the bank is stalling,what a amazes me is the length of time quoted by the bank ie 6-8wks for the transfere of the money into my account.Contacted them yesterday and explained that we have an account with them and that the process is automated,the girl told me that they had not received any formal notice from the FOS and until they do then the transfere would not take place.She advised that she would contact the FOS via e mail to try and speed things up.Further to that contacted the FOS they explained that they had already sent notice to the Bank to pay up this was accepted by AIB (UK)-First Trust. Bigdess
  24. Received this letter from First Trust outling their position, this letter was received by us while we were on holidays. Thank you for your letter of 30thJuly 2007 You may or may not yet be in receipt of a letter from the Financial Ombudsman Service advising you of recent developments concerning the handling of cases concerning the charges you have complained about. The general position is that such complaints (whether they are being dealt with by the Bank, the Financial Ombudsman Service or by the Courts) are to be suspended pending the resolution of a test case being taken by the OFT against a number of the major Banks in Great Britain. We trust the matter will be clarified further by the the Financial Ombudsman Service in due course. Yours Sincerely T C Smyth Solicitor What Next Bigdess
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