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  1. Hi and thanks for the advice.


    The ECN is from my local county council so I am presuming its there property not a private company.


    It mentions,


    It is an offence under this order and section 35A(1) of the act of 1984, for the driver of a vehicle who has left the vehicle in a parking place to fail duly to pay the appropriate charge or excess charge or both as the case may be.


    So really, if there wasn't a means to pay for the parking charge, how can they then impose an ECN?

  2. I have had a notice of excess charge today for £50 or £30 if paid within 10 days for not displaying a ticket due to the machine not working. (when I tried)


    Anyway I have noticed a lot of conversation about issue/contravene dates and although I cannot scan mine in to show, my ticket says:


    The car park attendant noticed that at 9:55 hrs on 11/3/07...


    Does that mean I have 10 days from 9:55 on 11/3/07, its a bit confusing?


    Any help appreciated. Thanks

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