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  1. I think there are pluses and minuses to this I have come across both helpful:) and unhelpful:mad: cashiers so i think its luck of the draw on this one.:|


    I am ever so thankful that so many people on the Forum find the front line staff at banks so friendly. Good show!!


    The people I am talking about is the people that you have to do business with after they have plunderered your account for monies that they do not deserve.


    Furthermore, when loans and mortgages are recalled by the bank do they sit down with you and set out the cups and the plate of biscuits and have a nice chat round the teapot?


    Let me know!

  2. Hi! This is my first post to the Forum and I admit that I have no outstanding issues with any bank, I just want to be supportive of those who have problems.


    Historically I have had many issues with different banks and nobody reading this should be frightened of any bank. Basically they are all nasty people and the people who work for them become intrinsically nasty people because of the way they are treated.


    Banks are at their best when you treat them like the major supermarkets, if you don't like what they are providing - shop elsewhere. Never let them know that there is not an alternative bank looking for your business.


    Personally I think they want to close the High Street branches to the 'man in the street' they are far too expensive to maintain. You may find that you are being treated badly because they want to close the branch and every customer that moves gives the bank an excuse to close that branch because of lack of customers.


    Lastly, if you can afford it open another account elsewhere - you may well need it if they take exception to you fighting for your cash back - because when it comes to finance it is not good policy to have all your eggs in the one basket.

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