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  1. Hi Nationwide had a judgement by default entered against them by me on 14th June. They have still failed to respond so am just about to issue a warrent. Has anyone else had this?
  2. I forgot to ask if this set aside gives them another 28 days?
  3. bloody nationwide! Do you know of anyone where this has happened and they lost?
  4. looks like i am in exactly the same position as you, well almost. i filed a judgement by default today because nw have not even aknowledged the claim
  5. Has anyone won by default after the 14 days were up for nw to either aknowledge the claim or file a defence. My claim was deemed served on 30th may and 14 days were up yesterday. I spoke to Northampton this morning and they told me nothing at all had been recieved and to go ahead and file judgement by default. I have just checked online and the default has been issued. Can nw still put in a defence now that the judgement has been issued to them?
  6. Hi, today I have requested judgement by default as I have not heard a thing from Nationwide or indeed anyone in relation to the claim I submitted via MCOL on 25th May. It was deemed to have been served on 30th. Their 14 days are up today so I thought why wait, they wouldn't give me any extra time were the boot on the other foot. MCOL went through without a problem this morning and it says they have accepted my request for jusdgement. Has anyone else had this and actually got there money or has anyone done this but MCOL is slow and Nationwide have actually aknowledged/defended and they have just not updated there system. Surely though if that were the case I would have heard something from either the court or EVERSHEDS through the post by now?
  7. Nationwide have reached the 14 days from the date of issue to aknowledge or file a defence. I have heard nothing so first thing this morning I have requested judgement by default. If it so happens that they have put in a defence at the last minute then they only have another 14 days anyway. I don't see the point in waiting
  8. I had a letter from KPR debt recovery, my husband noticed that right at the bottom of the letter amongst the small print that "KPR is a registered business name of Nationwide Building Society" They are lying to you when they say they have never heard of KPR. When I refused to deal with KPR they passed my "debt" consisting solely of charges to ROXBURGHE debt collection who are a nasty little company and like sending really horrible letters. I wrote to Roxburghe and told them that the account was in dispute and therefore I wasn't going to deal with them and to tell them that if they wanted to communicate with me to do it in writing. So far they have ignored this request and keep phoning and leaving messages, also sending text messages to me. I have also had more nasty letters. I am ignoring them all but saving them up so that I can put in a complaint once I have finished dealing with nw.
  9. hi unfortunately i can't, don't have a scanner!
  10. good idea, never thought of refusing to give my name etc, do they hang up on you then?
  11. Thanks Rory You are a star, sorry that some of my questions seem a bit silly but all this is making my head spin!!
  12. thanks again, will definately report them for harrassment because thats what it is, I still have copies of the letter and the email I sent saying the account was in dispute and to stop hassling me! I have ignored both the home phone messages and the text message asking me to ring them as I think this is a way to start threatening me even more! I said that I was currently trying to get charges back and they said fair enough but we will take you to court anyway because we have the right
  13. thanks for the advice everyone BUT have found out today by speaking to my bank that I have actually overpaid just like I thought I had, so their court stuff shouldn't happen I hope? I am waiting for them to refund me and then I am going to put in a complaint to trading standards or whoever it is that takes complaints like mine! They seriously stressed me out and there is no need to treat anyone like they have treated me whether I owed money or not!
  14. thanks guys my 'debt' is with nationwide, i have already paid over £960 of charges which i am currently trying to claim back. The bit that the dca is involved in is a balance for charges applied to my account after I had stopped using it and which I refused to pay. It consists of nothing but charges and they have registered a default on my credit file for going into unauthorised overdraft (never had a proper od). The dca is really stressing me out, I have emailed, written to and phoned them telling them the account is in dispute and I am dealing with nwide directly. I asked them to stop contacting me or if they did then to only contact me in writing. So far they have sent me a letter saying I have 72 hours notice before they commence court action, 2 messages left on home phone asking me to call them and a TEXT message (i never gave them my number). They are clearly ignoring me but I am getting a bit scared now. The letters I have had are horrible and say things like to ask my self whether i could be made bankrupt, go to prison etc! They are just plain nasty:?
  15. hi can someone tell me exactly what a cca is? i know it stands for consumer credit agreement but how can it help me when I deal with dca's?
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