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  1. Whats a Tomlin order? Agreement signed 1st July 17 First payment due 1st Aug 17 They didnt set up standing order so I made a fast payment on 6th Aug. They denied receiving it. DN sent 3rd Aug, giving til 22nd to pay. Letter of termination sent dated 22nd.
  2. Ill put it behind my gates. The letter also says to pay the full amount..no interest rebate. Can I apply to the court for any help?
  3. today ive received a letter dated 23nd Aug advising that the contract is terminated and they will be collecting the car. The date of the default notice ended 22nd so is inclusive so they have acted before the end of the default notice. I have sent them proof that it was paid on 6th Aug. They omitted to set up a standing order anyway!! Then Can they just come and take it off my drive?
  4. Are they likely to just turn up and try and take the car?
  5. Thankyou for your response but it doesnt answer my question.
  6. Got a car on finance. Was expecting 1st payment to be taken by DD but it wasnt and didnt realise. 2 days later got a default notice!! Sent payment which they deny receiving. I rang them to be spoken to in the most disgusting way and called a liar and was told i knew full well it was standing order as I had signed it. And even though I have spoken to them and text them they still contacted my brother to ask him to tell me to contact them! Im absolutely disgusted! I rang them today again to be spoken to like dirt and was told its out for repossession! Can they legally do all this?
  7. Contract was to fit a boiler and provide maintenance /service for 14 yrs at £39 per month. I refused to pay whilst they refused to acknowledge that they had caused the damage. The debt collector said he could knock £500 off the bill. I didnt pay at the door it was by debit card to the company . Ive got evidence of all the damage as took many photos and had quotes for the work. I havent had the work done because it was still leaking causing further damage and i dont have 5k to do it!
  8. Hi. It was the original company who fitted the boiler.
  9. Well now I feel like a naughty school child too. Thanks
  10. Long story. Had a boiler installed by these guys about 3 1/2 years ago. Paying monthly. Water started leaking through my kitchen ceiling which brought the ceiling down, seeped into bathroom bringing the floor tiles, damage to laminate floor in sons bedroom. Discovered it had come from the boiler. Had the guys out to look at it and the engineer showed me that the fitting was loose so had not been tightened from installation and said the pressure valves were on. Got me to sign a form to confirm problem and said it was fixed now. I had emailed via facebook messaging as this is the way they advised photos of all the damage. I had received a quote of £4800 to repair the damage. I received no response so refused to pay the monthly fee until they did. Had loads of threatening letters. During this they sent me a recorded delivery letter asking to service the boiler giving me about 5 days notice. I rang to say the date wasn't convenient as I was at work and wasn't possible to be there. They advised me then as I refused and that was the only date the were in my area then they would no longer service as i had failed to adhere to the contract. I rang to speak to some one about the damage caused and tell them what the engineer had advised (who also took photos of the damage) and was told that the damage wasn't their fault and that I must have tampered with the boiler and that the engineers report had stated that. Well it didn't as I read it. I have continued to refuse to pay. They sent a debt collector around who wasn't too bad really. He said he would knock £500 off the debt and I paid the balance. The leaks did not stop!! I felt so distressed by their refusal to even acknowledge the damage they caused it made me ill. Since the engineer came the water pressure falls every 1-2 weeks and hen I refill water spills out of the pipes and the filter. I had an independent plumber out to look as I could bare to deal with this company. He said it was a shoddy installation. Fixed a pipe incorrectly installed and said several of the fixtures were loose. He sorted it. Today I received a money online claims form from them for an amount which bares no relation to the amount that was actually outstanding. Do you think I could defend this? They are claiming around £4000 obviously to include the cost of the boiler. The cost of repairing the damage another £5000. Im in utter despair right now. Any advice would be appreciated.
  11. Hi. SUCCESS!!! The duty legal was fantastic. She put forward my case...I never had to say anything other than Thankyou! She had spoken to the rep from Paratus beforehand. She said I had a good case but obviously no guarantees. Judge was fair and pleasant. When we left the duty legal and I spoke with the solicitor representing Paratus who was lovely. She said she thought my offer towards the arrears was too high and if at any time it isnt manageable to apply to the judge to have it reduced. She said I had to do and say what Paratus has told her but knew he would suspend. Thankyou to everyone who has helped and for your kind words.
  12. Im here waiting. Duty legal approached me and coming in with me. Just want it over with now
  13. Ive now just received at text from Paratus saying that tomorrow is the last day I can make the payment of £1250!! Yet previously they had told me as long as I make it before the eviction date it would be ok. A bank transfer is in their account in 2 hrs. Is this more scare tactics?
  14. Ive had a reply to my email re alternative options. It just said the alternative was stated in the letter, its now in the hands if the judge and we will be opposing your offer. What a load of rubbish. I will be taking the letter and email with me on Monday for the judge.
  15. Will do. Just received a letter from Paratus dated yesterday confirming what the email said regards rejection and lump sum. Then next paragraph says ' we are committed to helping wherever possible, please contact to discuss alternative option'. Ive emailed to ask what these option might be.
  16. No. I completely forgot until I was half way home. Its a 25 mile round trip so I didnt go back.
  17. Took all the stuff to the court this morning. Got a hearing for Monday at 10.00am.
  18. Hi. Yes it was all done by email. And the fact they took so long to respond given the urgency of it.
  19. Hi. Its £305. I can comfortably pay double which is what I offered.
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