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  1. To update everyone. I emailed the CEO of British gas with a brief outline of my complaint with some photos that I took each month. I used an email address which I haven't used for years and within 6 hours of me hitting send I had debt collectors hounding me by email as well as phone and post. About a week later I received my Revised "Final Bill" from british gas of £40. A day later I received a phone call from british gas about my request for £60 compensation, they would deduct it from my final bill and are sending me a cheque for £20 which I received this morning. Happy days at the end but I still should not have been put through this, massive financial penalties are the only way forward.
  2. Npower did have the wrong meter reading to start with but after a quick phone call it was changed. They were very helpful.
  3. Yeah tomorrow I will put a letter and evidance together for their ceo.
  4. It would be good to get a reply from british gas, maybe their ceo might get things moving. Any idea of his details? I did look at the watchdog but they don't seem to be open to individual complaints or don't explain the process.
  5. Earlier this year I changed gas provider, I switched from British Gas to Npower. British gas arranged for my meter to be read on the day I changed provider. A few days later I received a huge £300 final Bill (I barely use £30 a month). After comparing the meter reading on the bill and that of my meter, they are completley different. I called British Gas and they refused to discuss the matter as a meter reading had been taken by a qualified meter reader. They just kept trying to get me to set up a payment plan. I called Npower who wouldn't help either. I wrote to british gas explaining everything and got the same response as the telephone call. I then started getting letters and calls from Moorcroft, we have exchanged a few letters with no joy. My final letter to moorcroft included photos of my meter clearly showing the reading, to this day my meter hasn't made it up to the reading British Gas applied to my account. I also requested £50 compensation for my time, costs and stress involved in trying to prove they are wrong. I recived a letter appologising and stating they were handing back the account to their client. Now today the letters have started coming from Collect Direct (UK) I really want to sort this out but none of this is my fault, I have supplied British gas with the meter reading I supplied to Npower and from which Npower have been billing me from. I told british gas to supply a new invoice upto that reading and I will pay it but they will not reply to my letters. Is there any advice on my options?
  6. Over the last few months I have got a bit behind with my mortgage payments due to lack of work (self employed). Looking at the letters and mortgage statements arriving from acenden with ever increasing charges I decided to send them a SAR to see what I could attempt to claim back. The amount I plan to claim is almost half of my arrears. I sent off a letter asking for these charges back and received a reply within a few days, basically informing me they are looking in to my complaint and will get back to me within 4 weeks. The next day I received Court papers as they have applied for a repossession order. I'm looking for advise on which way to go now, I am confident that I can bring my mortgage payments up to date before the hearing (minus the amount of charges). I doubt they will give up without a fight so should I start a separate claim against them for charges? Thanks in advance
  7. My girlfriend is a council tenant and up until recently only had electricity (immersion heater and storage heaters). The council decided to have mains gas installed on the estate and all properties have had a gas central heating installed. My Girlfriend was instructed by the council to pick a supplier and arrange for a meter to be fitted. She picked npower and they came and fitted one. On the day of the meter installation the engineer knocked at the door for a signature, my girlfriend was at work so her 15 year old daughter signed for it. When the first bill arrived it was in her daughters name, the supplier has been made aware of this but refuses to change the details. When the meter was installed it took the council over 4 weeks to start installing the central heating but before they started we noticed the meter had racked up 51 units without even having a gas pipe attached to it? She phoned npower to arrange for the current electricity meter to be changed as economy 7 was no longer suitable and also to enquire what tariff she was on for gas. Npower informed her that they were not her gas supplier but british gas was. Later on that week the first bill arrived from british gas, in her 15 year old daughters name. British Gas has been informed about the usage problem before any appliance was attached and have offered to send the meter away for testing, obviously if no fault is found there will be a fee. Does anyone know how much this would be? This has put my girlfriend in a bad position as she can't afford to pay a large bill if the meter is found to be fault free but on the other hand doesn't want an incorrect bill every quarter. Has anyone any advice on what action to take next?
  8. Well I had a game of letter tennis with Wescott, I offered them a £1000 in full and final settlement if they agree to remove the default, they declined. As a reply to each of their letters I offered a bit less each time. It got the offer to a pound at one point. Haven't heard anything from them since December 2008. The default is starting to cause problems for me, I would like to try and get rid of it. At one point I was prepaired to wait five years for it to fall off, but what if they put it back on? I will check and find out when I last made a payment. Has anyone had any experiance of sending a cheque in full and final, they cash it and continue asking for more? Whats the rules regarding this?
  9. I have made reqular checks on my credit file and the good news is that not only has the default gone but there is no evidance that the accounts with lloyds tsb were ever there. So the message is that they can remove defaults if they want to.
  10. Just an update, the debt collection has now been passed to Wescott.
  11. Well all paperwork has come back from the courts. Just need to send off for a copy of my credit file to make sure.
  12. You can't claim any charges from your ltd account if it is dissolved but you can carry on with your sole trader account.Hope you didn't add them all together?
  13. I have been involved with installing ground source heat pumps for the past 12 months. They do cost a lot to install but they do pay back in 5 - 10 years depending on the property.
  14. Just waiting for all paperwork to come through. Then I will take a look at my credit file to see if the default has gone.
  15. Well sc&m have agreed to withdraw their claim in full and remove any adverse data from my credit file in return for me withdrawing my claim.
  16. It will be a difficult choice to make. As it is fast track if they win they will get costs but also if I win so will I. Worst case = They win and I have to pay 5k plus costs and if banks win test case or get away with not paying full amount then ive lost out on 3k Best Case = I win in court plus costs and I also get 3k after test case. The one thing I am sure of is if I carry on with this case and in the mean time the test case is resolved and lloyds pay out I bet they will pay 3k of the credit card debt and carry on going for the rest in court.
  17. The debt they are chasing is just under 5k and I am chasing them for just under 3k
  18. Just an update. SC&M have adviced me that their client has instructed them to seriously concider any offer I make regarding out of court settlement. They have offered to withdraw their claim if I withdraw mine against them for my current account which is stayed and also my last bank charges claim.
  19. If you stop paying after they fail to supply a CCA and they default you then your credit rating goes out the window until/if you can get it removed.
  20. Thanks for all the support of everyone watching this thread. I now need to prepare a skeleton argument featuring all the legal points I wish to rely on by 18th July 2008, lots of reading to do.
  21. Very interesting thread, just subbing.
  22. Very interesting thread, just subbing.
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