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  1. I had 27 months of statements and totalled the charges from these months. I then ran the estimation based on the 27 months totals, and added it up for what the total would be if my bank history and bank charges had been the same for the entire 6 year period. It was actually quite interesting looking back, I can see how I got into financial trouble first off. I missed one payment, had a fine, then the next month had to pay teh missed debt, the original debt and the fine. I couldnt afford it, so then got additional fines and off went the spiral of financial difficulty I have only just clawed my way out of (after a drastic life style change and extra work) I will keep everyone posted on what happens. Thanks for the encouraging info.
  2. hey peeps, im new to the forum, so hello all I have just received a letter from the courts that Nationwide will be filing a defence. The letter is called "Notice that Acknowledgement of Service has been filed" It has been completed by a Charles Bacon on behalf of nationwide and he states he intends to defend all of the claim I have put in for unfair bank charges. He is Nationwides in house solicitor. Should I get worried at this stage? Am I going to be the first dragged in to court ? My claim is for slightly over £3,000, based on the last 6 years. I had statements going back 27 months and from this I calculated the charges. Can anyone give me some of their insight into what i should expect ? I am going over seas for 6 weeks working and dont want to go away worrying ! Thanks
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