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  1. So you are saying they should have covered me anyway? even if the car handbrake had snapped?
  2. dw190 It sounds good but will they not just say I told them the handbrake snapped and call me a lier since I am telling them it did not snap now?
  3. Yes, however after it happened I phoned them and stated my handbrake had snapped. However once we had got the car out etc we noticed the handbrake was fine. I took it to a garage who stated that it happened due to an overheating of the brakes. Sounds weird but that is what they stated. I did not go back to the insurance because I did not think this was the reason they did not pay out!. What do u think ma standing is on this then since I no longer have the insurance
  4. No, I asked if any charges would be brought to myself.. Yet again sneaky insurances are going to get the upper hand. It is really really nasty. As if somebody is going to read through all the terms and conditions, (half of which I did not understand!) to notice this.. Total joke
  5. Hello Everybody, I recently cancelled my car insurance nearly 1 month ago. I cancelled it over the phone and during the conversation I asked the indian customer services advisor if I had anything to pay if I cancelled to which he replied "no". I thought great I may as well cancel it then due to the fact they were not willing to insure me when my handbreak cable failed and my car rolled down a hill. Anyway I then start receiving letters asking me to pay £98.35 due to me cancelling before my premium ran out. When asking why they stated it was due to the fact I had made a claim on my insurance. However the claim was due to somebody breaking into my car. I was shaking with anger so I called up their customer services (Indian again and call me wrong name all time) whereby they kept telling me that this was in the terms and conditions. However I stated to them that I would never have cancelled the insurance if I had known I would have to pay out the rest of the premium. They then listened to my telephone conversation with the degenerate that wrongly advised me I would not have to pay anything and agreed he had wrongly advised me. I thought "great, we are getting somewhere". However the guy stated I would still have to pay the rest of the money! I will not let you know what I said to the little asian man after that. Anyway would somebody please advised me if I should fight this or should I let nasty admiral get their money. Regards Craig
  6. I dont know how the guy had the face to attempt to recover that money. It was her property so if he improved it then it is his damn fault. I totally agree that the law is an ass and a joke!
  7. And I do not know who paid contractors but at a educated guess it would be insurers
  8. Ok just to update. I was going into my house last night when my neighbour smiled and laughed at me.. I could not understand why until I noticed that his kerb had been re-done. Luckily I have taken pictures of his kerb before hand. I feel like he is doing it to get me back over previous arguments because in the pictures the kerb is fine. Is there any way I can upload pics to show you guys..? Maximum I would pay is £20.
  9. Breakdown. £150 for re-tiling the front kerb £100 to replace connifor tree, place compost down and remove cherry tree branches. I phoned the company asked to quote to re-tile job and they told me that they were asked to give a price on doing the job but told me it did not even look like it needed done. However at the end of the day a company is not going to turn down work! Also £50 for his excess they want me to pay
  10. People have said I could sue the garage but they have done a lot of good work in the past for me. Also it is weird that my insurers have not wanted to have anything to do with it it! I know I will have to pay something but as I keep explaining. A plant pot and conifor cost pennies
  11. I would love to pay out of court however as I say he does not want to! The storey unfolds again when I had just got my handbreak fixed two weeks prior to it happening. The problem is that the claim is with his insurance company so I cant make them an offer because they want the full amount:( I just want this nightmare over
  12. Ok to let you realise something about my neighbour. He bought a thai bride back from a holiday that then cheated on him, stole half his money and owns a thai restaurant down the street from us at his expense! He is a bitter twisted man that slammed the door in my face when I apologised and offered money. Furthermore before this he slammed his door on my hand which caused the police to get involved. The whole neighbourhood is his enemy. I honestly could not have picked a worse person to do it to. Any in response to your question. If somebody's car went into my house It's not their fault is it? I did not drive the car into it ****ed drunk..merely a extremely unlucky event happened.
  13. They had to replant the conifor because as the car was going towards the house it hit the conifor tree however for the luv of god its a damn connifor tree worth £5 max. "Not that much damage done" When stating this I mean to the connifor tree. I am sure the cherry tree is in the back garden so I am sure the contractor carried out this work due to it being needed done anyway and charged it to myself lol. Anyway yeah, I aint paying £300 for a connifor tree and a broken plant pot. This is why Britain is such a dumb place to live at times. People get off for rape etc whereas I am getting taken to court for damaging a £5 conifor tree, £5 plant pot and some loose compost. No wonder I want to move away from degenerates that have nothing better to do but complain.
  14. Well My car insurers (Admiral) are not accepting any liability due to it being a mechanical fault. However I later found out the handbreak did not snap and it was caused by the breaks heating up or something weird like that. My neighbour is 1> an idiot and no 1 likes in my culdysak 2> a lawyer lol Honestly I cant believe how unreal it is. they replanted the conifer tree which was not that bad and placed new compo down through a private contractor. I told them they are not going to win if they take me to court. What is everybody's thoughts on this £300. Its unbelievable
  15. I am hoping somebody can help me please. Recently my handbrake failed on my car and it managed to somehow make its way into my neighbours property narrowly missing his car and his house. It did however drive down his grass hitting a tree and stopping after hitting his step. The police arrived whereby a tow truck was used 2 remove it from his property. The police officer stated that there was no damage done apart from some mud had been kicked up and a plant pot had been cracked. (A wooden one at that). Anyway I thought that would be the end up of however Northern Rock sent me a letter wanting... wait for it..£300. They asked a tiler to come out to price the job for removing the tiles from his kerb which I had hit and which were and are still perfectly in tact PLUS for the lost compost. Futhermore, for a conifer tree AND to remove all branches from a cherry tree lol ? dont know why that came into the price. Anyway I told them basically to leave me alone and stop being silly however they stated it is going to be done through the courts. I have pictures to prove there was no damage and offered £10 for the plant pot. Also the policeman stated he would stand up in court to state that their was no damage. Somebody please help me on my position. Regards Craig
  16. to be honest I am unsure how much I am owed.. But I am claiming contractual interest etc to squeeze as much out of them as I can... I just have to wait on getting my statements through
  17. Good day to everybody that reads this.. I have applied for my Statements for the last 6 years and I got the usual response "You can only claim credit card charges and not current account charges" Blabla bla! Anyway from reading posts on this I know it not to be true.. I have a quick question.. I am £1850 in the red in my overdraft. If I attempt to retrieve these bank charges and alliance and leicester close my account will they attempt to retrieve the full amount straight away? Im a student so cannot afford all this. Hope everybody watches me take on these menaces through the next few months:-x
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