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  1. Ok thats fair enough.. so wht do u think I should do?
  2. Ok, the kilt company have said they are phoning the police on me if I do not cough up by today. How much is a reasonable amount to pay back? I have been told 80% of the hire cost usually!
  3. anybody got any ideas on how much I should offer them? they said they will phone the police if I do not contact them by tommorow night
  4. anybody please? dont leave this kilt wearing scot on a bump
  5. haha is this a serious thread? we are talking about chewing gum prices
  6. oh yes ! I do and quite a few ladies found that out at the weekend! lol .. anyway back to this ! how much should I offer them on Friday for it?
  7. Well that was not too bad. Received statements last night and charges come to £915. Do I have to add interest onto that as well?
  8. ok So I paid £45 for the whole thing so do you think 80% of that should suffice? they want £190! not 80% of 45!
  9. yes m8! now its making sense! lol... How could I get a rough idea of that cost though? ... Do you think £100 is a fair sum to give?
  10. Ok I paid £10 when I ordered it. Then the rest the day I picked it up. I am willing to pay £100. They said it would cost £280 to buy a new one! but thats a "new" one. And I did not sign anything saying I would be liable to buy a brand new one! what a mess I have got myself in !
  11. I am being truthful when I say nothing was explained in regards to T&C's. It was a yellow card I signed on back and It had nothing on it apart from my size on the front. There was absolutely nothing stated about in event of loss. I have hired 6 times before in past 5months and never once been told of T&C's or anything!...............? Oh dammit! I paid a £10 deposit for it but that was non refundable anyway
  12. Look you are new on here.. cld you kindly get lost. I am happy to pay something just not £190 when they will have insurance and the jacket was nowhere near new.. anybody else have any advice bar this guy please
  13. It was just a card showing my size! dnt get smart! I did not come on here to get responses like that! I did not lose it! it was stolen! arghhhhh! :mad: uve annoyed me! leave my thread alone you have no use here
  14. I signed the back of a silly card and I signed it in a massive scrawl the size of the paper that looks nothing like mine. They were really aggressive on the phone and said they want £190 for a new jacket! I signed nothing stating terms and conditions at all! was not shown what would happen in the event of a loss!
  15. No! I paid £45 for the hire of the kilt. Just got a phone call from them. They want £190 off me for the kilt jacket. It was lost in the night club so I am calling police when I get home as well.. I really cant be expected to pay £190 can I? they say its my responsibilty? Can they not claim of there insurance? do I have a legal right to pay? I did not sign anything!
  16. Yes thats what Im going to have to do. Then I could get a crime reference number
  17. Ok I got hold of taxi company! I was not wearing it so some1 has stole it from the nightclub.. anybody advise me on this? Also can I legally gain access to the CCTV footage because I took my jacket off about 10mins from the end so I know the rough time the person would have walked out at
  18. Can they not put it on their insurance? this would cost a fortune! a guy in the thread above said they would just claim off their insurance
  19. Guys I need to go back to this shop tonight w/out jacket. Since I did not sign anything could they try put the whole cost onto me? any advice please
  20. What does the brother in law have to do with you not getting in contact with her for?
  21. I paid 0 deposit though? only £45 for the full thing. It was the other guy who booked the taxi so Im waiting on his response to get the taxi number? So I wont have to pay out hundreds of pounds on a new jacket for them then? I really hope not! lol even though it was my mistake for being a drunken mess haha:o
  22. Just to say good luck! I have been watching this thread and I hope this guy gets what is coming to him. I think he will get a fright when he sees the court letter lol!
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