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  1. Mines sits at 650. So when does it get moved into good or even fair then?
  2. my bargaining skills.. thats what lol.. They saw sense when I saw red
  3. just to let ev 1 know I passed my credit check with the bank and I am officially an HSBC employee now:) got my g-string in a twist over nothing. I am so glad I did not take some people's advice and no even attend the interview! just shows u that life can be nice afterall! Im thinking of travelling the world till i start
  4. because I dont wanna go to court! lol.. its only £80 not the end of the world.
  5. Yeah I just noticed. Style are going 2 fax me the proof I pay it on friday and then Im faxing it to HSBC on fri afternoon. Least then they know its all paid and that.. god Students should not get it so tough!
  6. Thanks.. I just hope that I pass my credit report because at present it is classed as poor sitting at 670.. but that cant be that bad out of 1000.? I just settled another style financial services card so that should hopefully bring it up as well!
  7. Yes:) its been settled so its ok. Only paying them £80 so its fine
  8. Hi people just to let you all know I went for job interview on Friday. I explained the circumstances and she said everything should be fine. Especially because I was accepted for an HSBC current account so the CCJ cant be all that bad! Got a call last night to offer me a job! Furthermore I spoke to a graduate recruiter who said I should be ok so I start in either Cambridge, Exeter, Milton Keynes or Cheltenham. I aint sure where is nice so any help would be great
  9. Just glad I have some guys like yourselves to help me clarrify all this! absolute pleasure listening to you all. So If I go for a mortgage I will have problems since I have a ccj? Thought the student loans company are meant to help you! absolute bullies
  10. Im sure they will be able to get it set aside once it is paid off unless they just want to ruin my life. I purchased a style card which was also passed to debt collecters and the final payment comes off today for that.. will this also be a problem? ohhh the joys of being a skint student!
  11. Ok, so why are they asking me to come down still next week. The job is not till Novermeber so If I tell them I will pay it off by then do you think this would be ok? I am going to start making lump sum payments shortly
  12. Hey guys took your advise and phoned them up. The lady dealing with all graduates said to bring a copy of the judgement and she will have a chat with me about it when I come down but she was really nice about it! made me feel so much better. What other things could show up? Im sure I had a style card which was given to a debt agency but im paying that off in 3weeks.
  13. Hey everybody, I have graduated doing accounting and have my last job interview with HSBC on a graduate placement with big money. Passed four interview so far however I am to attend an assesment centre next week but the student loans company took me to court for them overpaying me an amount which I could not pay back at the time. I am in the process of paying it back however will this stop HSBC from hiring me? I dont know what to do! really need somebodys help
  14. Do you really want to end up in court due to this? not worthit. The site is not set up to con people! its set up to help people. Send the mullah back
  15. Tel: +44 (0) 870 242 7998 that took me all of 20 seconds...they should point u in right direction!
  16. haha brilliant last comment
  17. and I could bet my right leg that you have opened it! lol
  18. Gumbo! I have over 1K in charges I am attempting to get back. Do you really think I would let my bank get away with it? charging me £70 for being 10p over my limit. Simple answer. NO! just let all the hundreds of thousands of other people that are wisely getting their monies refunded
  19. keep it! lol It's their error and a massive company like that will not notice. I remember when I got sent an extra two sets of T in the Park tickets through my door. Did I send them back? god no!
  20. Ok I had the police at my door last night. They were shocked at the companies attitude (nasty on phone) and about the charges (£190) they were trying to put on me. They said they will give me a crime reference number to take into the shop so they can claim on their insurance. I also phoned up a kilt company who stated the maximum they charge for loss of jacket is £80. I am going into the shop to have a scan at terms and conditions today. Could be interesting (hope they dont try and attack me)
  21. Yeah same here mate, sorry to say but if you are spending that sorta money on a trip then you should have made sure that you had plenty of time to get a new passport. When did they admit they had lost it?
  22. Hey guys, I asked the student loans company to increase my loan amount due to them lowering it drastically because my dad made more money than the prior year. They said they could not do this but noticed they had overpaid me by £450 in the prior year and wanted it back. I told them (over the phone sadly) that I wanted to see my agreement before I did anything. They ignored this and took me to court and added another £100 charges for taking me to court. They now want £30 a month from me to pay it back. 1stly... Since it is their error should I have to pay it back so quickly 2ndly... Can I ask to see the signed terms incase they cannot find it. I know that if they cannot find it then there is no debt. PLease help guys cause there really nasty
  23. Ok letter will be typed tonight with what you said e.g. terms and conditions and about attitude etc etc and I will go from there. I just hope in the meantime they dont charge me for loss of earnings through jacket!
  24. Yes well over the phone they say it will cost £280 for a new jacket and they will let me off with £190? so If I do all this they might get mean and ask for the £280? surely it cant cost all that when my mate bought a kilt for £250 which was much nicer than the 1 I had and that was for the full kilt!
  25. Dispirited I am waiting on the police coming tonight now to discuss the theft
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