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  1. I am confused... She gave us a contract we didnt sign... how would that make us liable to be bound to it???? who is correct here? flyindoc or planner?
  2. does anybody have a standard letter I could send her? I didnt know about this
  3. Hey there, I moved into a property in December and through one problem or another the contracts have never been signed. I stated to the landlord I would have to move out yesterday and gave a months notice. She said she would be keeping my deposit however if there is no contract signed how can this be possible? It looks as if the rent has been paid month by month via cash so surely if I was to take her to a small claims court I could get my deposit back? It should have been up to her to make sure the contracts were signed before having me move in?
  4. its just the cost of it! its ridiculous! im a young man trying to keep above debt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. well the landlord did. thing is she is keeping our deposit due to us having to move out. Is it not usually the case that if u give a months notice u should be fine
  6. We have rented a property for 2months. We have no rental agreement however for some reason or other the gas is in my name? the landlord must have done this We got a bill for £350 however I have not signed anything AT ALL! even a rental agreement and we move out next month What are our standings on this?
  7. Hi there, We have lived in a rented property for two months now with no contract but we did pay a deposit and have paid rent. If we were to move out do you think it would be possible to get our deposit back?
  8. Hi everyone..... I have had a USC card for quite some time.... My bank did not pay the DD a couple of months ago and due to me moving to Northern Ireland I was not made aware of this. I just came back to scotland to see a pile of bills and noticed they have added £130 charges to my account due to this..... Can anybody please please help me to get this sorted... Furthermore I have payment protection which I wrote in to cancel months ago still coming off my account.. I hate these people!
  9. Hey there, While I was a student I was given a Credit Card. Here is the story. Their was a limo outside my university and they asked me to enter it. Once I had entered it they told me I would get a free drink if I filled out a survey. At the bottom it stated to tick a box if I "did not" want a credit card. I ticket this however they still sent me one. I have never signed anything. I asked them to send out a letter showing I wanted the credit card in the first place. I know that their is a letter that can be sent to them asking them to send proof of this within 14days or it is deemed that I have no contract with them Can anybody please point me in the correct direction? Regards Craig
  10. oi people dont slag fife. Mind you I am leaving the place shortly to move to England. However it is true.. very few people outside fife would happily live their. It is not the best place to live
  11. Ok just phoned them.. Its the anti roll bars that cost the money because I needed new ones I have always had problems with garages so thought I would try this one. Is there any way to check if they have been fitted
  12. Yes I do want the pass certificate but at the same time I did not want a bill of £300 for it so just wanted to see if there was a way of seeing that they definately carried out all this work! Heck of a lot of money for ma wee peugeot 106 gti.
  13. I know but it would cost another £40 for another garage to test it again. They are not part of any groups etc Auto Trader Dealer Pages - Myre Motors I honestly cant remember exactly what they said about what was wrong because I had never heard of it before. They said £300 inclusive of vat so its all in £300. Should I phone them to see exactly what was wrong with it before picking it up and post it on this?
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