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  1. hi, i was recommended the site by my mother who has followed all templlates etc and is going great guns. i will be submitting a claim against nat west with my partner due to bad management we were charged almost daily at one point for "returned" direct debits because they would take the dds out at midnight and then put the days funds in at 2 am and if you didnt have the cash in at midnight tough you lose, being on disability benefits means this has hit us extremely hard so i look forward to keeping you all updated and being updated by everyone good luck to all xxx
  2. hi i have just read all the posts with great interest as i will be submitting a juicy claim with abbey, i actually left the bank in disgust after they "suspended my account" because i apprently " abused my account" it was a simple basic account and the misuse was actually abbey who would take £20 every month from my account and return 10 days later i constantly questioned this and was told it was a "system error" but if the £20 wasn't availble for them to take ( to return lol) i got charged £38.00 a time and this went on for 2 years also it then caused hardship for me and i was getting charged left right and centre so i'm going to enjoy this chase, the forums are very detailed so great thanks for good "light" reading all
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