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  1. AND just to update, today I got £417.00 from egg too. *smug
  2. Aaaaalright Mr touchy. Right, no I didnt get the email, perhaps I did. Maybe I deleted it along with all my other "I dont want my money back" emails by accident. Orrr, in this real world I live in. maybe I didnt get the email so I thought I'd drag up my old post which didnt have any replies to it and try and ask POLITELY (come on say it with me now) for a bit of advice. After all, I thought that is what we were here for, not public humiliation from someone who should really know better. Anyhow, thank you for you link which I found eventually. I promise to read my emails much more carfeully in future Sir.
  3. The bit where i never actually saw that until you've just pointed me there. However, very useful it is, thank you. Or should I say thank U?
  4. Got a letter from them today. Guess what it said? you have to pay £10 if you want your statements for your flexaccount! ITS NOT MY FLEX ACCOUNT ITS MY CREDIT CARD AND YOUVE ALREADY HAD THE TEN F-ING POUNDS MONTHS AGO. Please someone advise me. this is going on since 15th March
  5. About 3 months ago I asked Nationwide to send me statements for and OLD credit card that is no longer in use. They sent me a letter saying I hadnt paid the ten pounds but I had. They then ignored my letters for a few weeks. Then they said they have already sent me the statements but they had sent me ones for my current account. Then they said I hadnt paid the £10..... basically after 6 letters they have ignored every request for my statements even after cashing my cheque. What do I do now? How can I claim back unlawful charges when they wont give me my statements to calculate them? is ignoring me a new tactic by nationwide. I am prepared to file court action, which I have told them, I just dont know how much for and whether I even can claim for a undeterminded amount. Any ideas?
  6. well I sent a SM to egg to tell them that they have only sent me 5 years of statements and in a format that I shouldnt have paid £10 for. They said they would get back to me. It has now been 41 days since my initial request and I am starting to get a little angry. I am tempted to claim the 5 years work (and thank you Mistermind the excel spreasdsheet worked a treat) but the pure stubbornness makes me want to wait for the extra year.
  7. Thank you. I ahve done just that. Its not the statement type that bothers me really as I can work out my charges through this, I am more annoyed that they have only sent 5 years which i find quite strange. Any tips on how to work out the interest accurately would be helpful.
  8. Dear all, After chasing Egg about a million times for my statements (paid the £10 for the full lot) I got one very small envelope with jsut a summary of accounts in it. Firstly- is this right? £10 for that? Secondly I asked for statements from the opening of the accoutn with them, they have sent me 5 years and I know it goes back further than that. And finally, can anyone tell me what I can claim back. is it just unpaid DD'd and overlimit charges? thanks
  9. not a period I'm now claiming on my credit card. Unfortunatley the card is closed but dates back a few years. they just seem to be ignoring me as I've written to them about it twice.
  10. Well, after the last claim I know they had lost the plot. I've had about 3 letters saying they will not refund my charges - which they have already refunded, 3 letters asking for £10 - which they have already cashed. Its been 2 months and Ive had no statements from my 2nd claim. What do I do now?
  11. Right, well I won yesterday on my current account. £4360.09 in my account thank youvery much Nationwide. So, today I am going to send of the cheque and initial letter to try and get back a further 4 years over the 6 I already won.
  12. HURRAH Pay day today. £4360.09. Thats more than I asked for. Happy days, please move me to completed.
  13. Hahah They Paid Up To Me Too - More Than I Asked For!!!!
  14. and today I have notice that my judgement was rejected. I nearly shed a tear.
  15. Any room left in the boat? Filled judgement on the 13th, defense filled... on the 13th.
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