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  1. I think all the above links apart from the complaints form relate to a consultation paper from 2002. The following link is to: Debt collection guidance Final guidance on unfair business practices July 2003 (updated December 2006) which may be more accurate and up to date. http://www.oft.gov.uk/NR/rdonlyres/50F06527-9FC5-4610-B385-999D6E2A8950/0/oft664.pdf
  2. If they took £30 as a penalty from you and we assume it is accepted that it was your money and they shouldn't have taken it then it is only right that you can claim interest on that money which you could have earned if you still had that £30. Contractual Interest is saying that in your Ts&Cs it says if you make an unauthorised overdraft then they will sting you for 24.9% per annum. As the Ts&Cs do not specify that it only applies to unauthorised drawings on your part then by reciprocity you should be able to charge them interest on their unauthorised taking of your money at the sa
  3. The trouble is most company switchboards are set so 0870 numbers cannot be dialled.
  4. Bong, Thanks for the reply. I did consider your method but 2000+ data entries on each of two accounts is too time consuming for me. I also considered using high and low and diving by two but the result over a test sample was not significantly different. Thought of using 1st or last day of each month, unfortunately before being self-employed my payday made this detrimental. Now I have your confirmation it is a 'feature'and not my incompetence, I have modified the formula to embed the original formula inside another 'IF' which test for the balance being positive and, if so, return
  5. Sorry, that should have read 'negative values' for Bank Interst and Interest on Bank Interest. Another minor query. Why is the Interest free overdraft given a value of 0 on the first line then 1 on all others. I have no Interest Free Overdraft so am setting them all to 0. Cheers, Dik
  6. Hi, I am pursuing a claim and intend to use compounded unauthorised rate, so I am using Vampiress's No. 5 spreadsheet. I have a small problem on one account where at certain times (unusually) the account is in credit on the day the interest is charged which is th figure I am using to estimate the overdraft. If the account is in credit the spreadsheet creates positive values for 'Bank Interest on Penalties' and 'Interest on Bank Interest on Penalties'. This effectively is giving money back to the bank on the dates the account is in credit instead of returning a zero value. It doesn't amoun
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