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  1. As for the 40k see post 101 for instructions on how to claim
  2. Calm1 (maybe you should change your username to Notsocalm1 now) I remember posting on your thread when you first posted on the site. Your claim if for a lot of money from what I remember. Never had any dealings with high court but I'm surprised [problem] are willing to mess such an instituion around. Particularly as you have judgement! Personally I think they'll just be doing a bit of posturing and someone will be along soon to advise you on how to scare them back. Can't see them asking for a set aside as they will still have to defend in court if they do and we all know they don't want to
  3. Hey big mac Hairy is claiming 2331.73 in charges and court fees for this claim hence rejecting the offer. He hasn't started his pre 6 year claim yet cos they won't send the stuff! If you think it's difficult understanding his thread you should try talking to him;) (sorry cornflake, couldn't resist)
  4. It up to you really. You can claim the 8% statutory interest when you file in court. The spreadsheet you have used should have calculated at this rate. Alternatively you can claim Contractual interest. You should be able to find this rate on your statement. Mine was around 25%. You need to use a different spreadsheet for this. The google spreadsheets in vampiress chambers are very easy to use and shareable if you have problems. You need to be aware that when claiming contractual interest you have to be very thorough in your preperation and make sure you are certain of the arguments you will us
  5. No, but you'll find one in your cheque book, it starts PAY, leave the name blank. Then you just fill in the amount you want, sign it and post it ot me
  6. Hi Shar, If you enter the amount of the partial payment as a negative number e.g. -£136 on your spreadsheet on the date you recieved it the spreadsheet should work it out and remove the necessary interest from there. No need to put anything in your POC about it. Just make sure the amounts are correct.
  7. Don't worry dave, if you wait till "I OWN THE COMPANY:D" I'll pay you in cash and give you....... hmmmmm £40k for your trouble. I also intend to defend all cases just to set a precedent. Think I'll use [problem] as my legal team as they seem to be capable of cocking up the most basic of processes! I will also purchase Leeds United (for about a tenner as thats all they're worth) and invest the rest in premium bonds
  8. Statutory demand posted special delivery this morning. Guarenteed to arrive and be signed for (therefore served) on 2nd July. If they haven't paid me before 23rd July I get to petition to have them wound up. Seems only fair as they've been winding me up for weeks!
  9. Cheers Guys, donation on it's way when the cheque arrives/clears
  10. Give them 7, they wouldn't respond if you gave them 7000000000000000 so 7 will do;)
  11. Thanks Hagen, you really are a star and if ever you're in my neck of the woods (wakefield) there's a beer or 4 on me. I WAS actually intending to make someone bankrupt but suppose that's just wishfull thinking. Think I may fax a copy to [problem] too. May gee them up a bit!!! I'll get on with the form now and post special delivery tomorow as Londons just too far to walk;)
  12. I sent mine to the chiswell street address and got my statements, however, in here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/lloyds-bank/236-lloyds-tsb-contact-details.html it says to send it to the one in Birmingham and as this site has never let me down I would use that address. I started this process through "money saving expert" as I assume you did too, hence the same address. But as I said, I would use the address provided here if I were starting again. Sorry if I've confused you or made you even more unsure
  13. You'll definitely get ignored for a while first, Don't think she does christmas as she probably went through the LTSB training system scrooge devised!!!! They have 40 days to comply but it will take longer, when the 40 days are up complain to the information commissioner and send this letter http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/6986-data-protection-act-non.html
  14. I sent mine to She just LOVES all the letters we send her. She's not too good at writing back though, think her fingers must be sore
  15. Your request for statements is actually under the data protection act. Here's a link to the letter http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/516-1-data-protection-act.html You'll no doubt be waiting a while for information so have a read round some more threads and you'll become .......more sure
  16. Ok, found the form so scrap that last question but here are some more specific ones 1. Do I leave in the bit on the form about " being a minister of the crown or a government department", I'm obviously neither of those things so I think I delete it. 2. In the particulars of debt I have writen" The debt was incurred by way of a County Court Judgement in claim number 7wf00914 on 4th May 2007 The amount due as of the date of this demand is £2120.34" Is this correct and do I need to add anything else 3. In Part A which court do I say they should apply to have the demand set aside, is it
  17. No, Just send list of charges when you send LBA. Got full settlement with contractual interest from cap1, did have to file in court but they paid before they defended:)
  18. Drafted this letter. Thoughts anyone? Dear Sir or Madam Re: Account Number 77-76-18 xxxxxxxx Claim Number 7WF00914 As the cheque you sent me dated 23rd May 2007, which I received on 18th June 2007, was cancelled and therefore returned to me unpaid. I am writing to inform you that you have committed an offence under the Bills of Exchange Act 1882. Unless the money owed to me in the amount of £2120.34 is paid into my bank account (details below) by (1week) I will begin court proceeding under the Bills of Exchange act for the amount owed
  19. It's not too interesting but it's here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/lloyds-bank/73807-jshtr3-lloyds-tsb.html
  20. Hello both of you. The thread I linked to is in the Lloyds forum so it's fine to use. The title's good for getting help and I'm still subscribed so I can keep an eye on you (so behave! ) Haven't gone anywhere deedee, just been very busy for the last couple of weeks. Haven't even had time to do much about Lloyds bouncing my settlement cheque. Off to leeds now but back soon;)
  21. Hello all Recieved my first letter ever from Cap1 since I closed my account. It said words to the effect of "we're not wrong but the cheques in the post" So that's it, 3rd claim won. Just hope this cheque doesn't bounce like the one from Lloyds did!
  22. Hi Coxey, Some people do claim contractual interest in bank charge cases but Lloyds are paying claims with 8% interest at the moment and defending any with contractual interest. It's up to you but personally I'd go for the 8%. You need to send an(other) LBA giving them 14 days to pay then file a claim. P.S.Cap 1 sent me a settlement letter today with contractual interest so yours sgould be there soon;)
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