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  1. I really should drink less - I don't remember a thing:D Are you all set now?
  2. It's almost the same. I have a point 11 which basically says I aren't entitled to contractual interest. I also have another clause which claims they have not been unduly enriched, that bit really made me laugh. Thanks for that. Good to know it's almost standard as I'm sure it is for you. I'll subscribe to your thread cos you're nearly there by the looks of it and it has lots of info. Thanks again
  3. Really can't help as I'm only any good at excell and google. Try PMing DEE DEE and see what she can do for you. Sorry:(
  4. Helloooooo Which spreadsheet did you use? If it was one of the google ones it should do it! You really do have to stop calling yourself thick you know;) Most people have problems with spreadsheets. I hate them and only have a basic grasp as I use them for my business:( Yes, if they're dates for your account they're right. It's nice being waited on!
  5. Starter motor breaking on my work van and my dad (the mechanic) in portugal Bahh Humbug People parking on the zig zag lines outside the cash machine in my home town and police cars driving past without doing anything Bahh Humbug The plonker at SC&M (you know who you are GA) that told me to bank a cancelled cheque and was downright obnoxious when I asked for another BAHH HUMBUG
  6. I have a PaRQ (Pasty Related Queery) When does (and indeed is it possible for) a pasty become a savoury tart?
  7. Hey up mate. You still can if you want to but the way this is going you'll have your money for this claim before you get statement for the next one!!! I too think domino is correct. Told you it was a "shooting themselves in both feet defence"
  8. Hi coxey, here we go then I would leave this bit out personally as I'm not sure it's relevant. Can you justify £190 in time spent writing letters etc. Think you'd be hard pushed to. Dpick had some problems with them before filing the claim I think and think thats why it was included. Would change the "we" to "I" at the begining of the sentence All OK As I said before I would leave this out. You can ask for wasted costs when your claim is settled if you want but as Cap1 don't seem to mess people around too much it's unlikely you'll get them. No harm in asking though! Anyt
  9. Ok then. Got a defence today from Barclacard. It has 15 points and seems full of the normal bank type rubbish but if anyone could point me to a standard Barclaycard defence so I can check it I would be grateful. Will have a serach too. Also got an allocation questionare to complete too. Was hoping this would be dispensed with. Have helped a friend do his so I have a rough idea of where I'm going with it but was wandering if I needed to put anything in re contractual interest as it has been identified in the defence on point 11. Any help appreciated:)
  10. Wow Dolly, That's brilliant news:D . I'm so pleased for you. Enjoy the money and the win and keep in touch.
  11. I suppose so. Just wanted mgp to realise that the advice given was given for a reason.
  12. Night coxey, Sleep soundly knowing you aint alone in all this
  13. Slow and steady wins the race kid. Money claim for return of penalty charges applied to the Claimants Credit Card account by the Defendant Pi** up sounds like a good idea to me but can I have pork pi** as I'm not a fan of chicken and mushroom:D
  14. Coxey, I'm 37 and and I am great, but sad none the less! You can just copy and paste info into the form, you don't have to type it out you dive You Use the link from Dpick to fill in the Particulars of claim section of the form. The rest of the form you fill in using the "hard copy" link I sent you in post 108. Make sure you use the registerd office address for cap 1 found here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/capital-one/55743-capital-ones-address-claim.html#post463291 Go get some sleep and I'll try and be around tomorow night to give you a hand.
  15. Hey dee dee, Just subscribing, a friend of mine is (coincidently) claiming from abbey and Halifax and I've been helping him. He has filed for both and had reduced settlement offers. Keep at em;)
  16. Hi dee dee, It really is all just a storm in a tea cup, They cancelled the cheque cos it was (allegedly) lost in the post. The rest's just smoke and mirrors I've been helped to create in an attempt to get my money out of them before I drop off this mortal coil!!! Didn't realise you could save N1 forms. Will do that from now on. Just off to have a look at what you've been flurrying:)
  17. Forgot to tell you, you can't save the N1 form so make sure you print enough copies. I always do 4 just in case
  18. Whats a dive? Have a look here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/681-4-particulars-claim-n1.html for help with the rest of the form. You'll need to replace "bank charges" with "credit card charges. You also need to ammend Dpick's POC with info on your own claim e.g. amounts claimed, interest rate claimed, account number etc. Unfortunately I have no idea where dee dee has gone. Sexy name though, I hade a bit of a thing for Kiki Dee when I was younger (I'm obviously sad AND old:eek: )
  19. And just to prove they do mess you about, they sent me a cheque, it took 3 weeks to arrive, they told me to bank it and the cheque had been cancelled. Still waiting for my money from a judgement on 4th may.
  20. I think you'll find that's the light reflecting off my pasty white skin:D You know where I am if you need help
  21. There's just no pleasing some people is there:D Have you done your Information commissioners complaint yet?
  22. Hi coxey, Time to file your court claim. As your Claiming contractual interest you'll need to file using an N1 form. Use these particulars of claim http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/capital-one/70112-dpick-capital-one-2.html?highlight=Contractual+interest+particulars+of+claim#post910532 Here's a link to the form http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/844-n1-claims-form-pdf.html. Take 3 copies, all with your schedule of charges attached, to your local court along with the necessary fee. Make sure you remember to add £10 for DPA request if they charged you f
  23. I wouldn't worry, Cap1 don't seem to do too much defending. They will probably acknowledge in a couple of weeks then send a letter offering settlement soon after. You're nearly there now
  24. Think most people turn down all conditions and just send a letter accepting settlement unconditionally. I haven't read any threads where the conditions have been rejected and payment refused.
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