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  1. Loads of people, Just carry on as per the step by step instructions.
  2. Right then. Been to the court this morning. Still no record of cheque being recieved. Court receptionist told me they would not accept the cheque anyway as the warrant was issued by Mayors and City and they should get payment. Mayors and city say they have not recieved any payment and bailif has not visited. Deadline for Statutory demand up on 23rd. Am bald from pulling out hair, teeth and fingernails (see avatar) Is it worth writing to [problem] again and reminding them about stat demand deadline or will I just be p ing uphill in the wind as usual? I really don't want to have them liquidated.
  3. Dave is a good one but as you can see from mine, usernames are not my thing. My fave thread title is "Lloyds tsb ate my son"
  4. 5 mile sat still tail back on A64 and no trip to whitby as a result BAAAAAAh Humbug!
  5. Hi Hagen, Not a sausage from them about the statutory demand although the letter I recieved advising they've sent payment to the court (though still not recieved by them) was dated 4th July so they would have recieved the SD by then. It's so annoying all this. Why have they chosen to do this to me????? Calm1 - Go get em. They deserve it. A bit of fluff between friends usually means you should take your finger out of thier belly button:D
  6. EL Yes I did claim CCI, Just missed off a C by mistake. All "compound" means is that they charge interest on interest e.g. Charge £10 Interest £1 Next month you pay interest on £11 and so on I claimed at 17.9% as this was the rate I was charged and felt happiest arguing. Lots of people claim 34% as this is Cap1's current advertised unauthorised rate. In the Value bit of the claim I put charges £297.00 Interest at the contractual rate of 17.9% £596.13 Court Fee £80 Total £973.13 It worked for me. My interest amount seems high but i claimed charges from 2000 to 20
  7. You've got a big tash if you're not a bloke:D No news yet. They say they sent it to the court. Been ringing court every day and speaking to a kid I went to school with's sister! She says no cheque (sound familliar?) Most annoying thing is the court keep the cheque for 2 weeks before sending me it (if they get it at all:( ) This has made me more determined than ever to persue a pre 6 years claim with vigour. It may not make a huge impact on their finances but it will make me feel a shed load better!
  8. Cheers Nic. Thought I had read the courts frowned upon 2 claims running at the same time for the same account. Suppose non compliance is slightly different though.
  9. Thought I'd start a new thread for this one as my others a bit complicated at the minute. Story so far:- Sent another SAR 10th April for info from 1987 to 2000. Recieved last 6 years of statements (again) 30th April and sent the letter back "if you want more statements" Made complaint to ICO 15th May Sent LBA for non compliance 29th May Sent Second LBA 4th June Sent Letter to compliance Dept. 30th June giving 14 days before I file N1 for non compliance. They really are a difficult bunch aren't they!!! My question is: As they still haven't paid out on my other LTSB claim (d
  10. You certainly are an inspiration. Congratulations and well done Now you know stuff can you tell me where you found your POC for non compliance of SAR. I need to file my N1 next monday;)
  11. Just starting a new thread for my pre 6 year claim as my statements from opening the account arrived this morning. Claiming from March 98 to December 2000. Charges £220 Interest £126.51 @ 8% Total £346.51 if it gets to court. Will be interesting to see how they deal with this one. Wish me luck.
  12. Hi dee dee You're definitely not the first to go for removal of CCJ as I know I've read at least 2 threads where this has been tried. Unfortunately I can't remember where they were:( From what I do remember though it was very complicated and I have a vague recolection of reding info about it in the general debt forum. It may well have been something posted by seaside lady but i also may be wrong. Worth an ask though Trev
  13. Hi, Everything the fat controller has said is true. However, I decided to change my mind after sending the LBA. Sent another LBA including contractual interest (my rate was 17.9% ish) and got full settlement including CI last week. It makes a huge difference to the amounts. Sorry if this has confused you.
  14. So do I Winning the music quiz at the local. Not so Bah humbug Winning a spot prize of chocolate limes BAHHHHH HUMBUG
  15. That's great news Calm1. Congrats and enjoy. I trust you'll be donating a bit as well as doing some serious squandering;)
  16. Yes You're right. Only inform the court once you have CLEARED fuunds in your account. Well done Scally and congratulations:D
  17. Just got a letter from [problem] saying they have sent my cheque to the court as "I requested" (as if I would do that:mad: ) So I have to wait till monday to see if they can find it or have recieved it!!!! Think I may write to the Judge explaining how they have tossed me around and drop that in while I'm there!
  18. God i'm so slow tonight. I was still on the last page Night everyone
  19. Sorry kid. I make such a good Bjorn they can't live without me. I'll be around on Saturday night htough. I too am sad! Dee Dee, You made me blush too, and I was purple to start with!
  20. There's a surprise, an unsatisfied woman:D I'll consider myself on hold then untill my work is done. Can you be quick though as I have to go to bed soon. I'm doing an ABBA gig tomorow night and playing canoe polo all weekend. Not much time for available for sleep:eek:
  21. I consider myself reprimanded:D But it was worth it, anyway, she started it!
  22. I meant I don't remember meeting ALL your needs.... It was a not so subtle inuendo. It really isn't as easy for me as you think you know. I suppose I'm just lucky that I take in info quite easily. I'm useless at most other things
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