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  1. Cheers for the good wishes Kazzie, TBH just sick of it all now, all I wanted was the money they owe me to make my house habitable (its a long story oddly enough!!) Hagen, You are as always a rock and I look forward to your PM. Many thanks:)
  2. You mean we're supposed to enjoy it???? David Bowie is the only person who's had sex with Tina Turner and Mick Jagger!
  3. Cheers Dolly, Ok, Rang [problem] today. Got to speak to someone who was dealing with my case and was very very unhelpful. Told me that the court would "not have" me applying for a winding up order and that I would be "wasting my time and money". He said "I have no record of another cheque being issued but you will be paid when one is issued by our clients" along with "the statutory demand is irrelevant". Lots of intimidatory silences and general snotty attitude. Does this mean I'm getting somewhere????? Could do with some advice about where I need to look for info should I have to see thi
  4. Well done chrissie, Good luck with the next one(s) Congratulations
  5. 28 days from date of service is the deadline for defence. You should be getting your settlement letter sometime next week. Cheque comes up to 3 weeks after that. Hope that helps
  6. Hello All No word from [problem], No cheque, 1 week today before statutory demand is up. Getting slightly nervous now:confused: Going to Fax another copy of stat demand today, see if that makes any difference. Also filing N1 today for non compliance of SAR for pre 6 years info. What is it with these people????
  7. Morning EL. Don't know for sure but I think spready 13 (throughout the claim with CCI)is the one you want to use. I had none of the excess boxes to complete for daily rates etc. It was really easy and worked like a charm. Give it a go and see what you think. POC will be the same regardless of which spread sheet you use as long a s you state you are claiming contractual interest. Non Smoking at 6 days and counting. Is it worth it I wonder????
  8. Saw this thread and imediately thought.... would anyone like to buy my mother? She's mostly a pain in the a...e but sometimes she lets you take the stick out;) £20 gets you a Buy it now option!!!
  9. If plumbers can spell it like that why can't painters?
  10. Not on single solitary, drag, puff, smell, taste, lick, carress of a a cigarette since thursday Hypnotherapists BAH HUMBUG I thought it would just be psychobabble but it made sense:-o
  11. Well done mate. Make sure you get cleared funds before informing the court. Enjoy the win
  12. Hi Calm, Just the usual nothing. No return call and as the posties have been on strike nothing in the post either. Bah humbug! Haven't you shaved yet?
  13. I think that IS the correct frangloamerican spelling of the word....
  14. Hi ,Your not driving anyone nuts. Just stopped smoking so glad of something constructive to do with my fingers. The spreadsheet you used will not have compounded the interest. It will just charge 34% on the original charge amount over the peiod specified. You need to use the Vampiress spready I told you about to see the numbers really spin:D You need to sign up for google spreadsheets but it's propper easy to use and is shareable should you have any problems! On my poc I asked for a) return of the amounts debited in respect of charges in the sum of £297 b) Court Costs c) Interest in
  15. They obviously haven't made you mad enough yet. I'm a coward really, but an angry coward is very dangerous;)
  16. Jen. You need to write to A&L formally complaining about the closure of your account. Once you have exhausted thier internal complaints proceedure you can complain to the ombudsman. See http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general/63646-alliance-leicester-fined-fos.html for info
  17. This ones the most interesting http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/lloyds-bank/73807-jshtr3-lloyds-tsb.html If they don't pay me by 23rd I will be applying to liquidate the bank!! Non compliance stufff is happening aainst LTSB (if they're still running:D ) for my 1987 to 2000 information. They've made my life so difficult recently they are going to get everything I can throw at them!
  18. Hi chrissieo. You should get something from the court confirming your judgement. Chase them when you have this. Also see this link about what to do next http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/faqs-please-read-these/25457-guide-reclaiming-bank-charges.html?garpg=13
  19. Thanks for the reply. Good to see another one of us yorkshire folk around I'm looking forward to the fight actually. About to file N1 against Lloyds for non compliance and loving every minute of it. They really are the pits.
  20. Hi, Helping a friend out here. She has no internet access (can't afford it). Just sent SAR. Do A&L close accounts when you claim against them and are they sending statements in reasonable time?
  21. Sorry, didn't realise I was still in the success forum when I pressed the new thread button. Please feel free to shoot me or something
  22. Thanks Hagen, Done that. Chap on the phone appologised. He was aware of bills of exchange act and what a statutory demand was but wasn't aware that I had issued one and said that he could think of no reason why they would send a letter saying they were sending a cheque to the court. He was also surprised they had cancelled the first cheque. Said he would deal with it personally and will be ringing back tonight or tomorow morning (I'll believe it when I hear it) Thanks again
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