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  1. Hi Took them 43 days to send my statements and I also go no response from any of the phone calls I made. Just got to hang in there. You could spend the time guessing how much they owe you. closest to the amount gets to keep all the money in the jar:D (yes I do have a sad life)
  2. HI Got my statements from the "dark horse" and worked out they owed me £1700.00. Sent letter requesting my hard earned back on 3rd March. Recieved what seems like a standard "sorry we're too busy wasting your time to reply properly" letter and a leaflet this morning. Think I'll file it under B for Bite Me! LBA going out on 19th march. Just as a matter of interest (no pun intended) why don't you ask for the charges plus interest back in the initial letters?
  3. Its russian for Joshua tree. One of my favourite albums
  4. Ooops, It's the 26th march, not the 19th, how keen am I?:o
  5. Thanks for those pearls of wisdom. This place is great, It's like talking to my granny but you all remember my name!!!!
  6. Update: Just sent off my LBA recorded delivery with a section saying thanks but no thanks to the offer. Bring on the 19th march. Not looking forward to the paperwork and stress but getting my own back certainly appeals!!! Just trying to remember all the c/cards I've had for the last 6 years. Is there any way of finding out without writing to individual companies?
  7. No, was gonna send it with my rejection of offer letter, That Seems to be the advice given to others. Is this correct (assuming LBA is letter before action)
  8. Thanks, I didn't know that the ruling had made no difference to claims, Such a relief to find some help from somewhere. I'm off to write a considered and well thought through "get stuffed" letter
  9. Hi, I sent my first letter to barclays 4 weeks ago asking for £1380. Recieved an offer this weekend of £840. Wasn't sure if this was any good but I have some concerns about taking this to court as I may end up waiting till after the OFT? (or whoever it is) ruling. Done some maths and if they come up with a valid charge of £12 I will get less than £840 if the court rules and gives me everything over £12. Any advice welcome!
  10. Hi, I'm currently trying to get money back from barclays and TSB. £1380 with barclays and £1700 from TSB. Got the statements and sent initial letters. Recieved an offer of £840 from Barclays this weekend. Feeling a bit 6 and two three's about what to do. Is this a good offer? Other thing is I read some other posts and got a bit confused with abreviations but they seemed to suggest that copy statements may not include all charges. Is this the case and if so what do I need to do? One thing I do know is how good it feels to be biting them back for a change!!! Thanks
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