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  1. Pen, You ever thought of learning how to juggle and eat fire at the same time? It will certainly fill the time gap and if you get it wrong you get to meet lots of nice new people at the hospital What's your next project then?
  2. Sorry Misread the post, didn't even realise I had posted that much. Normally I'm the quite one. I suppose 666 just does to prove we all have the devil in us if we tart ourselves around on here long enough:D As for trannies, no I'm not one but my post 666 was related to womens clothes. TBH I have enough problems choosing a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. How you lot choose stuff I'll never know:rolleyes:
  3. SHHHH, Not too bad now, work was interesting though. Managed to finish early as the customer was ill and glad when all the banging stopped! How are you feeling today? What you got against transvestism
  4. That we are, and circumstance motivates actions. Do me a favour though. When you tell others about your experience. Make sure you tell them they can have it all back if they are prepared to fight for what is theirs. That way they can make informed decisions. Enjoy the money
  5. So does he but they are doing an extremely good job of ignoring him
  6. I have to agree with Nic on this one. Don't get me wrong, if the offer works for you and your happy with it then as I said before I really am happy for you. However I and lots of others here don't think it's acceptable to be given go away money. I can't afford the luxury!! The best analogy I have seen here is, if someone robbed your house and then threw 80% of what they had taken back on your front lawn years later, would you ring the police and say "it's ok, I got most of my stuff back.
  7. Didn't know about the shine day calm1, you should have said. Sleep well;)
  8. Propper pleased for you munchkin, Congrats:D . Unfortunately the reality for the vast majority is at least a 4 month process and a court claim. I have a friend who thinks like you did and Barclays have been ignoring the hell out of him since christmas. I would be interested to see the letter though. If it's something that can work for hundreds of thousands of people then I'm sure it will be a welcome addition;)
  9. I accept all the conditioners except goodwill one and the DNA tests. As long as you keep it confidential and don't tell all the others on the forum and check your PM's I agree to send the plucker without prejudice!
  10. I would but I fear matting and knotting tremendously!
  11. How will I know it's definitely your hair and not some you have seruptitiously stolen from the wildeebeast with your fancy plucking device! I suppose the address to send the epilator to is Home, Home on the range.........
  12. I really do hope the neighbours can hear you:D
  13. Thanks nic and thanks for your help. Glad it's all over (for now) and looking forward to the pre 6 year one. Calm1 - What would you call it terrible lyrics to terrible tunes?
  14. I too am a tad ****ed on godd ol LTSB, They bought me my first bottle of Laphroaig in a while. Will no doubt regret it tomorow but feels great today! Don't worry about the hair, all the cutest things are furry, Except ligers (they're just big!)
  15. A drastic haircut seemed like the only option considering the unwelcome visitors!
  16. I think you never got rid cos they can't get out from under your bandage!
  17. It's all fairly straight forward on N1. Just ask if you need help;)
  18. Do I look like I can afford high sugar foodstuffs? I've been living in a cave for the last 4 centuries at least. Epilators always looked like impliments of torture on the adverts, all that plucking:eek: Was thinking more of a cut throat jobby. Nothing like the excitement of a slip!!!
  19. Cheers Guys, When the cheque clears I think I'll buy Calm1 a razor and a new hat;) as well as making a donation of course:)
  20. Well, It looks like it's over. Called home at dinner time to find a cheque with a 3 line letter. "Here's your money and tell the court" I still haven't the foggiest why they have taken this to such lengths. I can only assume they really are as incompetent as they seem! Ah well, I suppose none of that matters now, cheques in the bank and I have a funny feeling this one will clear . On to the bigger pre 6 year claim now, If I can get my statements that is. Thanks to everyone for all your support, help and encouragement and special thanks to Hagen who is one in ten million. Without you I'd s
  21. elephants are the only animal with 4 knees gorillas can't swim Drinking hot drinks when you're hot cools you down faster than drinking cold drinks It takes 50 years for UPVC windows to repay what they cost to install in energy savings alone. Not having to paint them, PRICELESS When you unplug your bath the water leaves your house in a 40mm pipe, when you unplug your sink it leaves your house on a 32mm pipe, but whats 8mm between pipes?
  22. Hi, I would write to them informing them that the account is in dispute and as such no further action should be taken. That should put a stop to things. As a matter of interest how did you come up with windywoo as a username. Are you in yorkshire? I used to know someone who used that name a lot;)
  23. Pen, I know the chorus of congratulations is really loud but I just wanted to let you know that I'm really happy for you. It must have been a great day and such a great sense of achievement to have so much success on the same day! You have restored my faith in "what goes around comes around!" keep at em babe;)
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