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  1. Morning all

    They have finally settled. Paid the money into my account by bank transfer last wednesday, just been too busy to post on here. Thanks to everyone who helped out over the last few days, particularly Hagen. And thanks to CAG for all the support and advice. I'm off to donate now cos I know they can't bounce a bank transfer (or can they?)

  2. Pen, Dollar song was "never ending story" but "I'm still waiting" also works.:) Maybe a thread in the bear garden should be "songs that remind you of your bank charges claim" and could include such gems as........


    One hand in my pocket - Alanis Morissette

    Took out a loan - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

    Wages Day - Deacon Blue


    and my personal favourite.......


    Money for Nothing - Dire Straits

  3. Don't worry. I have a bell here for you already. Every one comes with a free ring ding!!! And yes, you can be there when I wind them up:)


    Trust me, The highlights are more interesting than the reality. Look here for the sleep inducing stuff Dealing with Debt - How to Wind up a Company that owes you Money


    I really am starting to wonder if I will get my money. It's like being on an escalator that goes into reverse just as you're stepping off. I know they have to pay in the end but this has been going on since christmas! Every time I think about it I'm reminded of a terrible DOLLAR song!

  4. No, we bought it as a rennovation project and split up half way through the knocking it to bits stage. She took the development money (as well as the shirt off my back and some of my favourite music) and I was left struggling to keep up with the mortgage (new business) and living in a hovell. Bank hit me hard (£750 in 2 months) and thats how I ended up here Things much better now. Work going well and have managed to do bits but couldn't get enough together for the big stuff (windows, doors etc) All good now though. Onwards and upwards:D

  5. After your win, you'll be investing in a Martin I would have thought
    I have one already. My next big buy will be a Taylor 815 but I have seen and played a rather nice Guild recently (love the old Americans) but whatever it is it will be a Jumbo! Unfrtunately this win is going on the house though:(


    he's related to you, what do you expect


    Only by marriage. Does this mean I'm contagous:eek:

  6. Persoanlly I wouldn't agree to any of them. Most people are advised to send a letter stating that they accept the settlement unconditionally but reserve the right to make future claims if any further unlawful charges are levied on the account. It is up to you of course;)

  7. Hi, From what I've read quite a few people get this letter. Advice seems to be to write back saying you will attend a meetig if they provide a full agenda. I think there's a thread somewhere with a template but I can't for the life i me remember where I saw it. Hope this helps

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