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  1. Hello, Wow quick replies!! shame the banks are not as quick !! Can I just clarify one thing, When I send the letter to my bank asking for the charges to be returned, am I right in thinking I cannot claim for the interest accrued over the 6 years? Another thing Ive just realised is, where do I send my letter? has anyone got a dept/name and address, I would like to send it straight to the correct place before they take time passing the letter from pillar to post. Im planning on sending this week, so will keep you all informed. Thanks
  2. Hello everyone. New to this forum, and I need advice. Ive been with Loyds for nearly 12 years, and I only recently realised how much in charges these lot seem to have charged me. I sent away for a list of charges going back 6yrs, which they duly sent to me. Ive used the calculator somewhere on this site, and have worked out that in the last 6 yrs they have charged me just over £2000 in charges (£2370 with interest) Right, what do i do now? Ive printed the letter off and have filled it in. Im assuming I cannot claim all of the above amount back, do I settle for the offer (If any) they ma
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