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  1. Thank you for your replies Delay due to being unable to get back into forum where my Question was placed Please quide me back into this forum where the question was placed Thank you
  2. A vertical line has developed in the centre of the screen of my 42 inch LCD Toshiba Television purchased 05/10/06 This week Toshiba replaced my other 46 inch television LCD which developed two vertical lines on the left hand side. This was under warantry because I purchased it 06/08/2008 How might I proceed with the older model the Service Engineer called in by the television shop said both televisions needed replacement screens The shop says for me to have a word with Toshiba as the older set is still watchable and implied I may have to live with it. This I am not prepared to do Advice needed
  3. Wood burners not permitted in smokeless zones If 'all' took it up smog would be back
  4. This Story was nearly complete why did you have to move it .It was topic related
  5. Consider your daily gas units If only one unit used and your meter is a foot cube volume meter then kilo watts used is 1 times 31 equals 31 kilo watts If the meter is metre volume cubic metre multiply by 10.95. One unit times 10.95 =10.95 kilo watts used Check your daily useage and use your own figure not [one as above] multiply by 31 or 10.95. Do this for a week or a month then multiply by cost 2 pence per kilo watt or whatever yours is. You cannot gestimate. Do this for a year if you wish yours could be 20,000 kilo watts yearly + or minus 5,000 kilo watts and monthly cost £45 + or minus £5 Electric meter readings [as you are aware] are already in kilo watts and could be daily 12 kilo watt units + or minus 3 or whatever. and yearly kilo watts could be 4,000 kilo watt units + or minus 1.000 kilo watt units Monthly cost £40 + or minus £5 Unit electric cost could be 9.5 pence per kilo watt or less.
  6. To Rob S You are a winner regarding useage costs but most would find the gas consumption too low for winter heating consumption and many would not get away with having only to pay [£34] a month for the next twelve months without an amount owing come year end. Anyhow this is good for you and I hope it works out. It's just such a low figure as the reading started from March. [Now] .869 cubiic cannot be for meter cube as I indicated above but would apply to a foot cube meter as indicated by N power's [£34] a month and then the .869 units above would be multiplied by 31 to give Kilo watts and [not] 10.95 if it was a cubic metre volume meter. You'd be on a £10 a month figure with .869 useage daily .
  7. To Rob S 6th March to 29th May [84 days nearly 3 months] gives .869 units daily [no chance if meter is a metre cube one] It would seem with these figures yours is a foot cube meter If it is then this figure to be multiplied by 31 for kilo watts ie 73 times 31 equals 2263 kilo watts at say 2.5 pence a kilo watt £56.57 too low and so is 73 cubic units this is based on for [84days] nearly three months still winter weather. now 2.46 is conversion of .869 to metric 2.46 metre cub volume or .869 ft cub volume is too low an average daily figure to heat 3/4 bedroomed house as ncf 355 found out even with warmer weather this month 73 units would seem hot water use only [[73 cubic units]] needs checking out it does not tally with n powers £34 a month new figure or from the £40 which is good.
  8. 20th April to 19th May Weather now becoming warmer I would expect 6units per day from your Metric [correction]volume meter 30 days times 6 equals 180 units you now multiply this times 10.95 180 x10.95 = 1971 kilo watts used Now the readings for FEBRUARY could be 9.70x28 days=271.6 units now times it by 10.95 to change it to kilo watts=271.6x10.95=2974.02 kilo watts August daily units 1.1 x31days=34.1 total for August= 10.95 changing to kilo watts 34.1x 10.95=374 kilo watts BG ARE CORRECT AND YOUR USEAGE IS CAREFUL
  9. Metric meter on dial shows M cube. Imperial meter shows Ft cube on the dial as guide use times 10.9 times the unit for metric meter, and the unit times 31 for imperial foot cube meter. ie 305 units times 31giving 9455 K watts or 305x 10.9= 3,324 K watts This figure[3324] seems very low for this time of year Your 9661 K watts seems about right if your gas is used for central heating which is turned off for approx 4 to 5 months in the summer. Your figure of 9661 K watts would indicate a direct debit of £54 monthly assuming you have gas central heating
  10. Not seen any supplier at 1.7p usually over 2pence per Kw.. Which supplier are you using?
  11. Your £85 per month +£10 is what most people would use each month as a direct debit to cover both gas and electric or if just all electric £105 per month by direct debit ,Why though if you have a district heatig scheme are you bothering with storage heaters.Your £85 per month is quite reasonable but excessive if you pay extra for the district heating as well. Your standing charge works out at £17.60 each quarter similar to anyone with a standing charge for gas and electric The unit 10.76 9.73 and 4.77 seem average unit figures per kilo watt depends on the supplier everyone has a standing charge but some are absorbed in the unit rate depends on what tariff you choose or are offered by the supplier.
  12. Your day rate even being very generous should be under 13 pence per unit which is 1 kilo watt and your night rate should be half this and that's very generous You should ask your supplier the rate per unit night and day they will tell you. The rate should be clearly shown on your bill whether for gas or electricity Many suppliers have day rates under 10 pence per one day unit. 1 electric unit is 1 kilo watt not so for a gas unit reading.
  13. Oct Nov Feb Mar April 15 units daily the rest of year 13 units fair figures unit cost electricity [competitive rate 9.17 pence ]per kilo watt so daily cost 15 times 9.7pence =145.5 pence or £1.455 Weekly cost £1.455x7=£10.18 [Your unit rate could be higher ] Cost per year say £550 +or minus £10 giving£46+- monthly
  14. At this time of year Nov Dec Jan Febru Mar April 12 units which is 12 kilo watts seems reasonable for electricity but remember 18 units daily for your gas is high usual unit for these months is 9.5 and you are using 18 units which must be multiplied by 10.9 giving 196.2 kilo watts daily of gas you are using which at a rate of 2.26 pence is still £4.43 daily x 7 weekly=£31.03 weekly whereas your electricity costs 12 units at 9.17pence =£1.10 daily or times 7 for weekly which is £7.70 These rates of 2.26 pence gas and 9.17 pence electricity are very competitive and not Powergen,s The total gas and electricity for one week for your meter readings is £31.03+£7.70 working out at £38.73 weekly and your unit rates will be higher so you are using well over £40 per week gas and electricity...
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