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  1. Even if the rent was only a week late? Being classed as a late payer could mean weeks or even months late?
  2. Yes the last LL threaten to make things difficult for my daughter who is renting near her univeristy because she had been a couple of times late with rent. We are only talking a few weeks at the most, her student loan came two weeks after the rent was due and they wouldn't change the rent date. Seems a bit harsh to me!
  3. Can I ask to see the reference given from the previous landlord as been turned down new tenancy?
  4. Does anybody know how DCA's maintain customer records? Should all activity be recorded on customer's accounts including name of bailiff's who made visits? Thanks Lizzy
  5. Wrote to littlewoods as they had sold my debt when they originally agreed not to persue. They have admitted that my account had be assigned to lowells in error and they have requested to buy the debt back and to accept their opologies. However they mention that this debt will stay on my credit file, any ideas how to get this off because I know they will again sell to another DCA in time? I dont think Littlewoods have any right sharing my personal information with other companies I haven't signed anything for them to give them this right.
  6. The next strange. Recently received a letter for Newlyns. The Bailiff who supposedly called on the two dates in question no longer works there and although newlyn state he would swore on oath that he attended my property on these dates they have no further contact details for him? Where do I stand now?
  7. When I spoke to the council to check how much was out standing I was also told whatever newlyns where asking for I had to pay he said they can charge what they want. I have also had this in writing from my council so I have had two council staff telling me this. They are so wrong giving this information out as far as I am concerned they are just as bad as Newlyns that's why I want to take it further. It is a long drawn out process but its important to gather all the correct information before making an official complaint. Have you read my posts lots of good information? I hope someone can give you some advice about them holding your money because that really does not sound correct.
  8. Does serve notice mean just speaking to the debtor at the premise or handing a letter to the debtor at the premises or both? Last question must go home!
  9. My facts I can only go by what I have be advised or learnt on here. I hope I have all the right information - I am prepaired to take it further and also report them to the council concerned.
  10. Wow I would imagine not many people would know this? Is this definitely okay for council tax baliffs? Need to double check before I send letter because this is very new to me. Baliffs must hand the letter to the debtor in person to raise the two charges amounting to £42.50? Not post through letter box? Makes me wonder what was the point of me getting the screen print out from them that cost me £10?
  11. Thank you that was very interesting. I have never seen or spoken to a baliff, I am not home during the day! Can a letter be handed to anyone else in the house hold or even anyone else on the premisis at the time?
  12. Well unfortunately I don't have a boarding pass as proof, its impossible to prove that they didn't knock on my door on the dates they state? Do these letters then have to be handed directly to the client, to raise the £42.50 charge or can they just come via royal mail?
  13. Newlyns originally said they called at my property on the 11th and 22nd of Feb 2008. So these are the dates the £42.50 will apply too. I now have the screen print out of my account from Newlyns however it is not easy to read. It states the first visit was on the 2nd Feb but the notes next to this date mention the visit was actually made on 11 Feb 2008, so it looks like the first visit corresponds with what they have said. The second visit which was updated on the printout on the 21 Feb the notes next to this date state the second visit was on 8 Feb. Very strange this isn't right. The third visit was up dated on the printout on the 26 Feb and the notes say the visit was made on the 22nd. It looks like the first and third visit correspond with what they have said but I have no proof they didn't come, they would not provide any satellite navigation as proof they called at these dates. I feel quite sure they didn't call on these dates the first time I new that my account had been passed to Newlyns was on the 27 Feb by a letter delivered via the royal mail? This is really taking up to much of my time for £42.50 but the council need to be aware of what these people get up too - I am still getting threatening letters stating notice of COMMITTAL TO PRISON how dare they make such threatening statements... Thanks for listening.. Lizzy
  14. On receipt of a summons for non payment of council tax, agreed to make monthly payments which council accepted however they said they will still ask the court to grant a liability order against me, this was granted last Nov 2007. Missed Januarys 2008 payment and the next contact was from newlyns, should the council have informed me that my account had be passed on? I have read somewhere on this site that they should? On the summons it does say that this payment arrangment is conditional on a direct debt set up and if at any time the direct debt fails then further recovery action will be taken? Have another question - If my account was passed over to Newlyns on the 1 feb and they claim they visited me on the 2nd how likely is that?
  15. Littlewoods debt has come back to haunt me! After many months and Littlewoods agreeing not to pursue debt because I hadn't signed any agreement with them. A few days ago I recieved a letter from Shop Direct saying that my debt has been passed to Lowells then the next day a letter from Lowells confirming the assignment has been passed over to them from shop direct. Oddly both these letters come from the same place because they seem very similier in style and content. Obviously they are chancing their luck as there is no signed agreement. What do you think I should do? Contact Shop Direct to confirm that they have passed my debt on even though they agreed not to pursue. Contact Lowells informing them that Shop Direct have confirm in writing that they are not pursuing. What I should have done at the time Shop Direct confrimed this was tried to get this debt taken off my credit status as a % of this debt is charges which if I hadn't signed an agreement it gives them no right to add fees to this account. If I Knew this would come back and haunt me them I would have delt with it but at the time one less problem is a weight taken off ones shoulders. Any information greatly appreciated.... PS The phone calls have started now! Lizzy40
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