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  1. Thank you for your responses bookworm. I had read the FAQs and the forum material and also other peoples threads and couldn't find the answer to my questions - therefore i asked you. I find somethings aren't clear and perhaps a better layout of the order of letter templates is required - its not the easiest site to find your way around. If the questions i have asked are answered somewhere then please point me in the right direction and it may save future questions. Many thanks
  2. Thank you - and can i claim interest yet? or do i just send the figure before interest is added
  3. I enclose a schedule of the charges which I am claiming with this letter How do i do the above please - Do i need to list the charges in a word doc or photocopy the statements and return them with the preliminary approach letter?????
  4. I received 6 years worth of statements today that took just a week i sent my DPA letter last Wednesday - they are getting quicker by the looks of things;)
  5. Please tell me you can also claim back the excess overdraft fees and the standard overdraft fees - as this is stupid amounts of money...
  6. I have sent the DPA letter off on 30/05/06. How quick have people had their statements or list of charges sent to them, i'm getting quite excited about totting them up now.
  7. Hi:-x I need help i'm having trouble just getting a list of all my charges from 2000-2004, managed to find the last 2 yrs online. They also want to charge me £2.50 per statement for the last 6 yrs - is that right can they charge me, that i thought it was a maximum fee of £10... HELP.....
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