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  1. Hi I put in a judgement to Barclaycard as got a letter to say that they hadn't got their allocation questionnaire in on time. This was entered 3 weeks ago, how long should i wait for them to pay up or do i need to do anything else?? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Thank you the link doesn't work but i will go to the website directly Is it a straight forward process?
  3. Hi there I have received a letter from the court telling me that 'upon non compliance with the Allocation Questinnaire unless order by the defendant It is ordered that The defence be struck out forthwith and the claimant be entitled to enter judgement' Can someone please tell me how i go about this it would be much appreciated??? Thank you in advance
  4. Eddie

    langsdale letter

    so u think don't reply to langsdales offer. Wait to hear from the solicitors.
  5. Eddie

    langsdale letter

    This letter has arrived after i have made my online claim. It is an offer of around 1/2 of what i am owed? What do u think i should do'?
  6. Hi there Are we supposed to reply to Langsdale offer letter, or just sit back and wait for DG solicitors to contact me
  7. Hi there Are we supposed to reply to Langsdale offer letter, or just sit back and wait for DG solicitors to contact me?
  8. Has anyone got the correct bundle needed to take the Woolwich to court or any information as to what should be in the bundle as the basic court bundle doesn't appear to make much sense to me... Thank you in advance
  9. My claim is against Woolwich - but i'm guessing the same still applies????
  10. we have a court date of 13th December but it doesn't say anything about supplying any paperwork - whys that??? It seems a bit strange. I may just send the paperwork off anyway - who do i send it to - is it just the courts? Thanks for the quick reply Bookworm
  11. Hi - just a quick one i hope. When should you send in the bundle of paperwork to the court is it with the Allocation Questionnaire? Thank you everyone in advance for your help
  12. yes had letter back offering the full amount in a few days
  13. No Monkey, Sent a letter Thursday saying no thanks - would like the full amount owed or something similar anyhow. So just waiting to hear now... fingers crossed..
  14. Hi Hannah No you don't tick any of those boxes - i believe they are if your claim hasn't been acknowledged after 14 days then you would tick the 2nd box.
  15. I received a letter today offering half. To decline there offer can I call them or do I have to do it in writing. If i have to do it in writing - any suggestions on what i should say? thank you kind people
  16. damn and blast they acknowledged the claim as of todays date... If your claim has been acknowledged - what did they do next?
  17. Ignore that last message - I have figured it out now
  18. Does anyone know which option i need to be clicking on - i'm thinking its the first one but i'm not too sure..Hope you can help me... Do you wish to enter Judgment by Default or by Admission? Please select one of the options below: The defendant has not filed an admission or defence to my claim (Judgment by Default) You will need to decide, how and when you want the defendant to pay. You can ask for the Judgment to be paid by instalment or in one payment. The defendant admits that all the money is owed (Judgment by Admission) If the defendant has given a new address on the form of admission to which correspondence should be sent, update the defendant's details within the following Judgment request.
  19. Can i call someone to check i am filling out the moneyclaim online form correctly please? - (Sorry bit of a perfectionist)
  20. Received reply from first Direct saying they won't refund the charges - so will be completing the money claim form online Monday evening. Wish me luck!:-|
  21. Eddie

    Bye Bye Woolwich

    Is it that great..... My girlfriend works for the Woolwich and now has to face loosing her job. It is not the fault of all the people that work for the banks... so please just spare a thought for those people. As you can read on this site it looks as if you will get your money back. I'm currently claiming mine back from First Direct but i don't bitch about the staff as they are just doing there job... Sorry but you hit a nerve.
  22. I have sent the LBA letter today - so on a count down now to file my claim. I may need some help with that - is there any info i can read anywhere on how to ensure i fill the claim form out correctly. Getting excited now as i near the end of this... you never quite feel like you will get your money back, so heres proof to my friends when it happens that they can actually get it all back Will make a donation once money is returned.
  23. Thank you for your responses - I will wait until the 23rd June, i don't want to appear unreasonable. Many thanks
  24. Would you suggest waiting the full 14 days until I should send the LBA letter. I have rec'd the standard response saying they don't agree with my letter blah blah blah... My 14 days will be up on 23rd June 2006.
  25. I have sent the Preliminary approach letter today... so heres awaiting there reply. Thank you for all your help so far
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