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  1. john10


    Thank you for your help I will do that
  2. john10


    Hi I won some of my charges back through the hardship which really is the case I am still owed 1100. My account in there eyes is overdrawn which is still down to charges and they are demanding the money back, They are harrasing me with telephone call to my home and mobile. The bank will not accept that I am still clainimg are are demanding the money which is about 295.00 pounds can any one help?:?
  3. Hi I am looking to re-mortagage my house. At the moment we are with Kensington Mortgages we have never misseda months payment. I have a basic account with Santander and would like to apply to them. Unfortunately I have a bad credit rating. Do you think it will be worth me asking ?or will I just be told no chance. Just scared of the embarrassment,
  4. Thanks for that but I have quite a bit of debt that needs sorting out.
  5. The name of the company is Finacial credit help.
  6. Hi do you have a template for claiming hardship Thanks
  7. Hi I am doing this for my sister who has a problem. She has spit from her husband now for 6 years. at this time her husband as said he will sign the house over to her, can this be done while there is still a mortgage on it as well as a secured loan. Any help will be appreciated
  8. Hi I have recently joined Finacial Credit Help Company to help sort out my debts. Does anyone have any knowledge on this company and does it work
  9. I have received a reply from the bank what they have offered me is 216 pounds and they say this is not a final settlement. They say this should cover my shortfall deficit for the next two months and they will then review it again in July.They say this should not affect my court case!!! Do I carry on with the court case? Thanks
  10. Hi as I told you I rang the hsbc on hardship which they say should take a month, What baffles me the amount of charges this month have been taken and replaced with an overdraft . In my eyes they have taken their charges which was 2 days early anyway and because this money was taken they gave me an overdraft to cover their charges, I am sooo confused. Will keep posted on what happens next
  11. I received a letter today saying for me to call the bank to discuss any finacial hardship which I did and gave them an income and expenditure ver the phone, the lady says I should here from them in 4 weeks has anyone ever had any luck with this and received there money back.
  12. Thats brilliant thankyou both I had to go off for a bit but thanks anyway.
  13. No it prints out without that on it only has amount and date incurred
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